This type of yoga follows the popular teachings of Swami Satchidananda. He was the person who believed that Integral yoga can bring peace of mind, keep you fit and enhance your  flexibility. This is a gentle yoga which is about kriyas, meditation, chantings, yoga practice and many breathing exercises.

This should be practiced everyday to get its benefits just like any other workout program.

How Integral Yoga Will Help You To Stay Fit:

Total Balance

Integral yoga takes the many different yoga styles and introduces them all into one life style practice or system which is highly beneficial. The main purpose of such a cycle is promoting an excellent harmonious balance in the person. It brings in total balance. It should be done slowly taking care of proper breathing movements.

Mind Control

Integral yoga helps in gaining control and balance of the mind and subconscious self with great meditation, concentration and ethical practice. With its ability to calm down the anxious mind and build focus, it helps the mind from getting distracted by outside happenings which often negatively clog the mind. It builds in concentration.

Intellectual Realization

Jnana yoga which is a style of integral yoga is all about intellectual approach. With regular practice, one learns the way to recognize the unreal and real self. It brings about intellectual freedom, lesser stress and a balanced approach towards life.


Integral yoga asanas bring about more energy which helps to live your life to the fullest. This brings in stamina and confidence to complete tasks. These yoga styles help to guide you through all your life goals. With increased energy your endurance level rises. This is the best way to enhance your energy for the day.

Healthy Body

Hatha yoga is a style of integral yoga which helps to have a strong and healthy body. Regular practice will keep you stress free, keep away anxiety and increase your flexibility. This type of practice focuses on the best physical movement with different yoga postures and through breath control techniques along with diet, meditation, kriyas and posture.

Spiritual Connection

The main purpose of spiritual yoga is to bring about a strong connection with nature and to become one with nature, God and also soul. Regular practice brings about a strong and successful spiritual connection. This style is highly recommended for people suffering from mental disorders. Cheapest Levitra (Vardenafil) from canadian pharmacies, visit here and check prices.


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