6 Best Exercises For Your Buttocks

Best Exercises For Your Buttocks

Well toned buttocks make you look smart and fit; they help to increase your confidence and give you a better posture! Though most of us are blessed with well defined buttocks, there are many  who struggle hard to achieve that perfect figure they always desired. There are several exercises which help in getting better buttocks. If you have been trying hard but without luck, you can try out any of these or a combination of these – you will see results in a short time.

These Are Exercises For Your Buttocks

Single-Leg Front Raises

A great exercise which stretches and balances your thigh and tones your buttock muscles. Start as you keep your feet some distance apart. You will be holding a dumbbell in your hand; the weight shall be as per your comfort level. Move and slowly bend your right leg. You will raise it at least 3 inches from the floor. You will extend your arms in front and your palm will face down. As your arms are straight, you will raise the left arm. Move it just above your head. Keep it in this position for at least 3 seconds. Once done, you can return to the height of chest. This should be done at least 4 repetitions. You can switch your legs and do some more repetitions using your arms, as you are on your right leg.


Warrior III

This exercise helps to tone your buttock and thigh muscles. Keep your feet together as you stand. Lift up your left leg slowly. Keep your toes pointed. Your entire weight shall be on your right leg. You will continue lifting the leg and drop your head and torso – they will form a horizontal line kind of formation, from your toe to head. Your arms will be by your side. Your toes, thighs and hips shall be aligned as you engage your core at this stage. Keep facing downwards and your back shall be straight and relaxed. Stay in this position for at least 5 breaths before you get back to the starting position.


Toe Taps

Start by lying down on a mat. Keep your arms by your side. Slowly start lifting your feet. You will bend your knees at about 90 degrees. This will help in keeping your thighs at an angle of 90 degrees from the floor. You can then gently tap your toes ( left) to the floor. You will be alternately tapping toes of both your legs for at least a minute. In case you feel a searing pain in your lower back, do not try hard.

Toe Taps

Chair Squat

This is an easy exercise for beginners. All you need is a chair for this exercise. Stand, keeping your back to the chair. Your feet will be distant apart. Your weight will be perfectly centered on the heels. You will slowly draw in your abs. Hinge a bit forward from your hips slowly and move to lower your butt. You should stop just before you sit and get back to your standing position. This will keep the core engaged and work it out effectively. This exercise should be done in sets of 3.


Dumbbell Squats

These squats are extremely powerful and very effective in working out the buttocks. Keep your feet shoulder apart as you start the exercise. You will be holding dumbbells of about 8-10 pounds as per your capacity by the thighs. Slowly squat downwards just as you will be sitting in chair. Your weight shall be just over the heels. Start squeezing the glutes slowly as you get back to the starting position. You will do around 20 repetitions. Continue, as you keep the dumbbells on the heels. Remember your knees will not pass forward to the toes during this stage. To make the exercise even more challenging, you can try the exercise without using the weight. Just jump and land safely in the squatting position. This will help in toning down the buttocks.

Dumbbell Squats

Low Lunge Hover

Start the exercise standing as you keep your feet apart from one another, preferably they should be at your hip distance. You will then step behind with your right foot as you start the move. You will lower in a lunge stance keeping your left knee just above your ankle. Slowly bring up your arms over the head. Hinge a bit forward from your waist region. At this position, you will lower your chest a bit forward, towards your thighs. Your arms shall reach forward at this stage. As you straighten up towards the left side, you will lift your leg up. Stay in this position for at least 3 breaths before you get back to the starting position. Repeat at least three times as you switch legs.

Low Lunge Hover