6 Best Lower Body Stretches For Women

Lower body stretches help women in building flexibility in their lower body. Stretches improve in the blood circulation and offer relief from pain. Stretches help in mobilizing the joints and usually involves major muscle groups. Stretches also help the body in reducing the risks of injuries, especially when done after a rigorous workout. Lower body stretches for women help in managing weight too. These can be done once in a day or after every training session.

Here Are 6 Lower Body Stretches For Women:

1. Standing Hamstring Ball Stretch

Start by standing on the left foot. Keep your right foot carefully on top of an exercise ball. This will be in front. Keep both your legs extended. You need to stretch as you tilt the upper body a bit down close to the exercise ball. You should be keeping your feet in its original place. You need to alternate your sides after a few seconds. This workout helps in stretching the hamstrings and also calf muscles.
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Standing Hamstring Ball Stretch

2. Kneeling Lunge

This exercise stretches the hip flexors. You should start from a kneeling lunge.

Your hands shall be pressed on your front thigh. Your pelvic floor shall be shrinking down, as you engage your glutes of the rear leg. Stay in this position for at least five deep and long breaths. Exhale and shrink close to the floor. You can repeat on the other side.

kneeling lunge

3. Backside Booster

Start in one split stance. Keep your right foot forward. Keep your knee bent. Your left heel shall be lifted just behind you. You need to engage your ab muscles and keep your spine straight. Hinge a bit forward from your hips. You will extend your arms overhead. Keep your facing inwards. You will be lowering your palms till chest muscles are quite parallel to the  floor. Get back to the starting position. You need to lower your arms by your side. Repeat at least 20 times. Once done, do the same on your other side.

Backside Booster

4. Calf Stretch

This is one of the most effective exercises which stretches your calf muscles. Stand and place your right foot just on top of a step. Your left leg shall be extended back. Your feet shall be pointed forward. You can stretch your calf muscles by resting the left foot on the floor. Extend as much as you can. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds and then change your sides.

Calf Stretch

5. Rag Doll

Start by standing as you keep your feet at a distance apart. You should be comfortable as you stand. Now, you need to hinge a bit forward from the hips. You need to bring your chest, a bit close to your legs. You will grab the opposite elbows. Now, slowly shift your weight a bit forward on the balls of feet. You can engage your quads and slowly work as you straighten your legs. Stay in this position for at least four long and deep breaths.

Rag Doll

6. Side Leg Stretch

You need to spread your legs. Keep them at a distance apart from one another. You need to move the weight on left leg. You need to flex the left knee as you keep the right leg completely extended. You need to stretch as you lower your body down.

Stay in this stretch position for at least ten seconds and then you will switch your legs. This exercise is best for stretching your thigh muscles and improving blood circulation from joints.

Side Leg Stretch