6 Best Shoulder Injury Exercises

Best Shoulder Injury Exercises

At least once you might have faced the injury in your shoulder while doing rigorous exercises or picking up a heavy thing alone as you may have felt a little twinge suddenly. At that moment it might be just a slight ache which you may not understand, but if not taken care of the pain will automatically increase and give you further trouble.

It is up to you to go for useful treatment under physician’s advice; otherwise all that lifting or moving shoulders, throwing shoulders, hitting and bowling will result in severe pain. With your shoulder stiffness, you might not be able to reach behind your back or comb hair at the backside or buckle a seat-belt.
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But the right kind of shoulder exercises will reinforce the muscles around the shoulder, and focus on the flexibility and strength. You need to perform many stretching exercises which will release those muscles that encircle the shoulder joint. Hence, we bring before you few of the effectual shoulder injury exercises which you can practice at home.

6 Best Shoulder Injury Exercises

1. Pendulum Exercises

Pendulum Exercises

Pendulum exercise is considered to be the simplest shoulder exercise one can try out. Firstly you have to curve your body in the forward direction with one arm placed on the table or holding a chair and the other arm drooping downwards to the ground and moving it in small round circles. You can stir your arm in clockwise circle and then counter-clockwise circles.

2. Shoulder Rolls Exercise

Shoulder Rolls Exercise

Known to be an easy exercise the shoulder rolls can be performed sitting on a chair or standing on the floor. When you begin you roll your shoulders downwards and then back in the form of small circles, and practice a bit bigger circles. You need to act 10 circles backwards and then act in the same way in forward circles.

3. Shoulder Rotation Exercise

Shoulder Rotation Exercise

For this exercise you need to sit on your heals for 5 minutes and then you can put a small pillow below. You have to hold a resistance band or a towel so that when you stretch it slight pressure is exerted on your shoulders. Slowly move your hands above your head and reach out as far as your both hands are stretched.

Then you move your stretched hands at the back and take a breath, and slowly lift your hands up and then lower it down in front of your waist. Try to sustain the tension from the first till last. Repeat this procedure for 5 to 10 times steadily.
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4. Scapular Press up Exercise

Scapular Press up Exercise

Place yourself in a press up position with your body keeping straight and core tightly. As you make your arms straight, you have to lower down your body for your shoulder blades to approach jointly, push in front a bit and then back up for extending your shoulder blades. Repeat this procedure for 5 to 10 minutes. This exercise is helpful for your serratus anterior muscle as the shoulder blade assembles perfectly and flat-wise on your rib cage.

5. Ball To Wall Stabilization Exercise

Ball To Wall Stabilization Exercise

Stand in front of a wall at arm length. Take a big size ball and stretch your hand stretch at shoulder height as you hold it against the wall and rotate it for 10 times in little circles on the wall. You try it first with right hand and then with left hand.

Then sit a bit low with left leg in front and right leg a bit at the back.
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With your body pushed in front stretch your right hand at shoulder height with ball touching the ball. Move that ball in round rotation and then try out this process with left hand. The joint portion around your shoulders will get stabilized rightly.
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6. Circles Exercise

Circles Exercise

You have to stand straight with two hands on your shoulders stretched out and the elbows are spotting out towards the side. Then you have to move your two hands in rounds.
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Try to begin with small circles and then make big circles. Then you can do the exercise again in the reverse direction.
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 Hence implement these above exercises as soon as possible in order to get rid of shoulder injury.