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6 Best Weight Loss Exercises To Lose Unwanted Fat

Weight loss and the need to maintain a healthy weight is one of the main reasons for exercising for most us. Weight loss exercises or workouts with the sole intention of losing extra unwanted fat from the body are specially designed to melt away fat in a course of time. If done on a regular basis, weight loss exercises are quite effective and help in keeping the body in good shape. The key to losing fat is balanced diet and regular workout sessions. If you are trying to lose weight and failing every-time, here are some great options to try out.

Recommended Exercises For Weight Loss

Stepping Lunges

Stand by keeping your feet at least shoulder width apart. You need to take a long stride forward as you will maintain this width between the fit. As your front foot will land, you will have to lower the back knee to the ground in a lunge position. You will then lift slowly your back heel from the ground and slowly lower the back knee, so that you are able to adjust off ground. You should keep your torso upright. Do not let your front knee move beyond the toes.

You will again push up till you are in a standing position. Repeat the exercise using your other leg.
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Interval Treadmill Workouts

Interval treadmill exercises are one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It is about different combinations of exercises which are done in some intervals of time. To make these exercises the most effective, you can do some bursts of exercises which can then be followed by a few more bursts of completely different sets. Treadmill time should last between 20-40 seconds and always start with the easier ones. The last exercise has to be the most difficult so that at the end you are not able to do any other exercise.

Plate Squats

Stand tall and comfortable. Keep your feet apart – preferably shoulder distance. You will hold a weight in your hands just as you would hold a steering wheel. Now, you need to squat with good control. Pause at bit at bottom and then rise again. You will lower down again and without any pause. Your gaze shall be fixed on the horizon and your torso shall be long. You should be lower enough to feel a slight pain in your joint. You should also feel the similar pain on your thighs and butt which means you are working out well.

Cross Over Sit Ups

Start by sitting comfortably on a Swiss ball. Slowly lower your upper back till  you feel it is horizontal. Your lower back in this position shall be on the ball. Remember that your back has to be a bit hyper extended. Keep your fingertips on temples. You need to sit up and twist. Ensure you are taking the right elbow just across the body and near your left knee.

You will have to stop and slowly lower down till you find your mid-back touching this ball. You will repeat on your other side. If you are doing the exercise, you will be able to feel a burning sensation.

Mountain climbers

Start the exercise in a push-up position. Your hands will be on the floor or in a low lying bench. You will slowly move a foot forward. Your knee should be in a position that is close to your chest. Your other leg shall be completely extended. The elbows have to be a bit bend. Now, you need to jump up your feet in air and as it is in that position, you will switch the front foot to your back and your back foot shall be in front. You will land lightly using both your feet. Slowly sink the back knee to ground level as in a lung. You should next go back to another jump and switch your feet in mid air. You will again get back to the starting position.


Changes in intensity always helps in fast weight loss. Sprints are intense and help in losing unwanted fat.
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You can do sprints anywhere which includes pavement, grass or even sand.
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Every different surface brings about different challenges. Before you start with sprint exercises you should warm up well to prevent any kind of injury. You can for a 6 minute run. You can do high knee runs and walking lunges, also buttock kicks. You need to select a sprint distance for the day and do it as quick as you can. You need to rest for 40 seconds and then start all over again.

Remember that intensity and your effort are very important here for weight loss.


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