6 Bodybuilders Exercises For Lower Back Firmness, Stability And Improving Endurance

Bodybuilders Exercises For Lower Back

Lower back exercises are not just for overall fitness but they help in building firmness, stability and for improving endurance. Bodybuilders and sportsmen especially need to exercise their lower back muscles for ensuring reduced risks from injury. These exercises help in increasing endurance, which helps in longer hours of training for overall fitness. These exercises are easy and should be ideally included in everyday fitness routine.

Here Are 6 Exercises For Lower Back Firmness, Stability and Improving Endurance

1. Front Squat

Front squats are the recommended way to build back muscles, increase stability and for improving balance. For this exercise, you need a barbell for shoulder-width grip. This should be kept parallel to the ground. The bar will be able to roll back on the finger tips.

You shouldn’t let the elbows drop as you lower the body and push the hips backward. You can bend the knees till your thigh is parallel to the ground. You can again push the body back and get back to the start position. Repeat the movement at least 3 times.

Front Squat

2. Hamstring Stretch

This movement helps to stabilize and firm back muscles which help in reducing injuries and improves performance. Start by lying down on your back. You need to have your right knee bent into the chest.

You need to have a rolled up towel or have a strap just around the ball of the foot. You need to slowly straighten the leg and move it towards the ceiling. You will be pressing through your heels at this point. In case you feel a strain in your lower back, you need to slowly bend your left knee and then place a foot just on the ground. Stay in this position for at least 5 minutes. You can then switch to the left and do for 3 more minutes.

Hamstring Stretch

3. Reverse-Grip Pulldown

This is a simple exercise which can be done by beginners too, to strengthen and stabilize their lower back muscle. You need a shoulder width group for this exercise.
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You will be able to pull down your lower elbows back as much as you can.
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This shall help in stimulating your back muscles. You need to have your torso upright in this position. Your back shall be slightly arched as you slowly have your arms extended from the top. Your chest shall be fully out and have it flexed throughout. This will help in concentrating more stress on your lower back muscles. You can have your elbows pulled down and then back as much as you can. You can do this, till you find the bar moving close to the upper pecs.
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You should squeeze the shoulder blades when you are in the peak of the contraction.

Reverse-Grip Pulldown

4. Legs Up On Wall

This is an easy workout which can be done whenever you find time. You just need to lie down and scoot your buttocks all up into the wall. Your feet shall be on the wall. Keep your feet in the position for 5 minutes or more if you can. This exercise helps in relaxing the lower back muscles. It helps in draining all excess fluid from ankles and feet. Lower back muscles flexibility is increased and overall body balance improves.

Legs Up On Wall

5. Deadlift

Deadlift is said to be one of the best lower back exercises for strength, power and building endurance of the most important lower back muscles. You need to load a barbell. Roll this against the shins. You need to bend a bit from your knees and hips so that you can hold the bar with an overhand grip. Your hands should be beyond the shoulder width. Your back shall be arched as you pull up your torso. At this point, you shall thrust your hips forward. You will be standing with the barbell in this position.

Now, put the bar to the floor and then repeat again.


6. One Arm Dumbbell Row

This is the perfect exercise for building stability, firmness and endurance of your lower back muscles. Start the exercise by lowering from your waist. Lower forward as you have your right hand and knee on a bench. Your left foot shall be on the ground. In your left hand, you will have a dumbbell. Allow the weight to hang down. You will move forward slightly as you keep your arms extended. Now, pull this dumbbell close to your hip. Your elbow shall be by your side. Your abs will be tight and back flat. You can pull your hand as much high as possible. As you reach the top, you need to squeeze the shoulder blades and then lower the weight. Repeat and then switch arms to do the other side.

One Arm Dumbbell Row