6 Bootcamp Workouts And Their Benefits

Bootcamp workouts are not meant for the fainthearted. You really need to make sure that you are actually fit before you hit these exercises or take permission from the doctor. They require you to wear out yourself at a lightning pace and make use of unconventional modes for losing weight. Used by military organisations across the world, be assured that these workouts are anything but boring. Do warm up before commencing.

Here’s A Sample Workout And How It Benefits

Jumping Jacks For 1 Minute 30 Seconds

This exercise involves you to go at a rapidly fast pace and can be done either outdoors or indoors. Stand with feet together and then raise both hands to each other above the head, even as you jump and take both the legs out in opposite directions.

Land on ball of feet and then get back to first position. Keep pace rapid and rest for 20 seconds.

Repeat again.

Benefits – You work on the hands and leg muscles together along with getting cardio benefits for losing weight.

Push Ups 30-60 Seconds

Now get on the floor and do push ups for at least 30 seconds. If your body permits, do 60. Lie down on the stomach and then raise the body on toes and hands. Bend from the elbows as you go down and exhale, but don’t touch the floor. Inhale as you go back up. To ease pressure on legs, you can fold them too. Do 2 sets.

Benefits – This helps in strengthening the muscles of the stomach along with the arms. It helps you get sculpted and leaner.

Jumping Drill Or Jogging On Elevation For 1 Minute 30 Seconds

This jumping drill can be done using a tyre, stepper or even any other sturdy raised device. Jump from the floor to the tire or stepper, using both legs. You can also do alternate jumping or jogging here to reduce pressure. Do two sets with rest for 20 seconds in between.

Benefits – This helps to tone the lower body while increasing heart rate and gets your metabolism rolling too.

Leg Rises 30-60 Seconds

Lie down on the floor on your back. Keep both hands under legs and raise both the legs together as you exhale. Bring them parallel to the ceiling. Take it down again, but don’t touch the floor. Bring up again. Do at least 2 sets of the same.

Benefit – It tones the muscles of the legs and the stomach along with working on the butts too.

Quick Feet For 1 Minute 30 Seconds

Stand together and do spot jogging where your heels go off the floor but the balls of the foot remain constant on the floor. Here your heels should lift as fast as possible to the point of burning. You can also move both hands along with the feet for added effort. Do two sets with rest for 20 seconds in between.

Benefit – This is a super cardio exercise that gets you grooving. It aids in quicker weight loss and shocks the body with the speed and endurance. As a result, you keep burning fat for a longer time.

Sumo Squats For 1 Minute

Sumo squats are more intense and deep than regular squats. Here stand with feet apart and fold hands in front of chest. Now go down in to a deep squat to the point where your butts are almost touching the floor. Don’t let knees cross the toes.

Stand up again. Do for a full minute and then rest for 15-20 seconds.

Repeat another set.

Benefits – It helps you tone the butts, improve stability and balance and of course aids in weigh loss.


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