6 Diet Tips To Improve Stamina And Athletic Performance

If you are trying to improve your athletic performance and focusing on long hours of training, you need to take care of your diet.Workouts or exercises are essential, but with a balanced diet and with the right kind of nutrition, you will be able to perform as per your expectation for longer hours with complete stamina and energy.
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Besides this, your body will also need essential nutrients for muscle growth and strength.

Here Are 6 Diet Tips To Improve Stamina And Athletic Performance:

1. Have Small And Frequent Meals

For optimum performance and for greatest energy level with low body fat and high muscle growth, you need to eat frequently but in small quantities. Body-builders, should have five or six meals in a day.
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In each meal, calories should range between 300-900 as per the size and goal. You can carry your food in the car or in your office so that you do not snack or overeat because you feel hungry.

Have Small and Frequent Meals

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products are rich in anabolic properties which mean they support powerful muscle growth and help in improving your performance with great stamina. It is in fact, said to be the natural beverage, which helps in building strength and ensures the growth of muscles. You can have a glass of milk with a milk. You can include any dairy product which you enjoy and have in moderation.
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Greek yogurt makes a delicious dessert and can be used in preparing low-fat smoothies.

Dairy Products

3. Pre-Workout Meal

Have this meal at least 2 hours before your workout. Your pre-workout meal should ideally be all about carbohydrates and some proteins and not more than 500 calories. You can have 5-8% fats in your pre-workout food.

You can have whole wheat toast or one medium size banana, greek yogurt, fruits and eggs in the right combination.

Pre-Workout Meal

4. Fats In Moderation

Fats are important as they are the primary source of energy. Fats usually contain 9 calories in a gram which is twice more than that of proteins and carbohydrates. There are many healthy fat options which you can have in moderation which includes dark chocolate, fatty fish like salmon, whole eggs, chia seeds, and nuts to name a few. You need to have the right fats in your diet if you are looking forward to improving sports performance. Fats are needed for power and strength building.

dark choclates

5. Have More Protein

Proteins are needed for building power and stamina. You can include different types of proteins in your diet. Whole chicken or ground beef or hard boiled eggs are good sources of proteins. You need to have just palm size portion of protein in your meal. Other protein-rich foods include seafood, soya, dairy products, nuts and pork offer great muscle growth with power, which helps in improving sports performance.

Have More Protein

6. Include Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber is not digested by our body and thus does not add to the calories count. It is passed as waste. However, fiber is good for health.

If there is less fiber in our diet, it leads to problems of water retention, constipation, bloating and sluggish GI tract. Include plenty of fiber rich food in the diet in the form of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits which are rich sources of fiber. They will keep you full for long and not add to your calories or body weight. Athletes and sportsmen should include more fiber in their diet as it will keep them strong and prevent accumulation of fluids in the body.

Include Fiber Rich Foods

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