6 Easy Arm Toning Exercises For Beginners

6 Easy Arm Toning Exercises For Beginners

Beginners can start with arm exercises as they are easy and cause the minimum injury. Arm exercises help in toning the arm muscles while removing unwanted fat. These exercises can be done at home and at the gym, with or without any equipment. Remember to warm up a bit before starting any exercise.

Here Are 6 Easy Arm Toning Exercises For Beginners:

1. Biceps Curl

Start by standing with your feet at a distance of shoulder width. Your knees shall be bent. Your abdominal muscles will be drawn in.

Your arms shall be kept straight by your sides. Keep your palm facing towards the thighs. You will hold a 5-10 pound dumbbell as per your comfort level in each hand.

Now, slowly contract your bicep and pull the right dumbbell up. You will be rotating a quarter turn so that your palm is level.

Your face shall be facing the right shoulder. Pause for a while. You can then get back to the start position. Repeat using the left dumbbell. You will repeat 15 times which will be one set. Do such sets of 3.

Biceps Curl

2. Wall Push-Ups

Push-ups help in getting used to different difficult levels for later workouts. Stand straight as you face a wall. Your face shall be a bit away from the wall. You can place your hands on the wall, a little distance from one another. Now step a bit back. You can move back as much as you are able to with your both feet on the ground. Slowly inhale as you will go down in push-up.

Your glutes shall remain tucked as you go down. Exhale and then push away. Beginners might find it difficult to do the step when they are a bit away from the way. In such a case, they can position themselves where they are comfortable.

Wall Push-Ups

3. Overhead Press

Start the exercise by standing straight. Your feet shall be shoulder distance apart. Keep your knees bent. Your abdominal muscles shall be pulled in. You need a dumbbell in the hand of the weight you are comfortable with. The dumbbell shall be at shoulder height.

Your palms shall be facing forward and your elbows will be pointed down. You need to press the dumbbells up over the shoulders in line with your body. The weights should be just touching above your head. Your shoulders and neck should be down. You can lower the dumbbells back and get back to the start position. You need to repeat 15 times. Do 3 sets at least.

Overhead Press

4. Half Circle Arm Rotations

Arm rotations are easy and quite effective in toning arm muscles. They help in building body strength and toning the arms also. For the exercise, you need to stand as you keep your feet a distance apart. You will hold your arms out and keep them parallel to the floor.

As your palms face forward, you need to cup your both hands just as you would hold a ball in the hand. You need to then rotate the arm forward making half circle. This will move your cupped hand in circular motion. Your elbows should not move even as you increase the muscle engagement. You can then rotate them back to the original position.

Half Circle Arm Rotations

5. One Armed Row

Start the exercise as you keep your right foot forward. Keep your knees bent. Keep your weight well distributed on your both legs. You need to hold a 3-10 pound dumbbell as per your comfort level. You can place your right hand just on your right thigh which will give you much needed support.

Now, stand and bend a bit forward at your hips. You will keep your abdominal muscles pulled in, close to your spine.

Start as you keep your left arm straight. Exhale slowly and bring up your left elbow straight upwards and keep it close to your body till the dumbbell is close to the bottom section of your rib cage. Pause a while and then gently get back to the start position. You will do the movement 15 times and in 3 sets.

One Armed Row

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6. X Jumps

A fun workout which is quite like cardio and helps in working out not just your whole arm but the whole body. It also strengthens your legs and ab muscles. Start the exercise as you keep your feet spread out, a little distance apart. Keep your arms by your side. You will jump up in this position and spread the arms over your head. You will make an ‘X’ like formation at the top as you jump. While you jump, you can bend your knees a bit so that you can land softly and do not injure yourself. This is a great calorie burning workout.

X Jumps