6 Easy Hip Exercises For Beginners

Beginners trying to lose weight from the hip region need to focus on a few exercises which help in fat loss from the hips.

These exercises are of the moderate range, they help in strengthening the hip and thigh muscles and improve overall flexibility of the body. These exercises can be done at home or in the gym as per convenience. As you are able to improve your strength and stamina, these easy exercises can be added to the intermediate workout program.

Here Are 6 Hip Exercises For Beginners

1. Hip Extensions – Lying Position

To start this workout, start lying down on your stomach. You will keep your knees straight. Now, you will slowly lift your leg as you tighten the bottom muscles or the gluteals. Stay in this position for at least 3 seconds and then repeat. Do this at least 10 times as you start. Once you get used to this, you can increase this to 20 times.

Hip Extensions - Lying Position

2. Wide-Legged Split

This exercise helps in toning the hips and reduces fat from the region. You need to start from the wide squat position. You will keep your hands on the floor just in front and move your feet a bit apart. Your heels shall be a bit wider than the toes. You need to keep your feet soles flat on the ground to protect your knees.
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As you lower your hips, you can easily prop yourself with forearms.You can then move downwards to the shoulders. When your shoulders are on the ground, you can turn your head to the side. Rest your cheek on ground so that you do not bruise your chin. Stay in this position for at least five deep breaths. You can then walk your feet back together.

Wide-Legged Split

3. Plank Leg Lift

Planks are the best exercise to workout your whole body. They help in reducing fat from the hips and thighs. Start the workout in a high plank position on the floor. Keep your head under the shoulders. Your butt shall be down. You can engage your abs by slowly pulling your belly button in and towards the spine. You need to squeeze the left glute a bit so that you are able to lift the left leg at least two inches from the ground. Keep your leg straight. You will tap the left leg out. It will be towards the side and then get back to start position. You need to repeat and then again switch legs.

Plank Leg Lift

4. Hip Lift

This is an easy exercise and suitable for beginners. Start by lying down on the floor. Raise both your legs towards the ceiling.

Keep your arms extended on the floor and by your sides.Your palms shall be down. As you inhale you will slowly tighten the core muscles. You can then curl your hips towards the ribs as you slowly exhale. You can then lift your hips from the floor and reach the feet up. Inhale as you will slowly lower down. Do this at least 10 times.

Hip Lift

5. Extended Wide Squat

This is a relaxing workout which targets the hip muscles and also opens the lower back. You need to start by standing as you keep your feet a bit wide. You will then bend your knees. You can lower your hips down close to the ground. If the heels are not able to touch the ground, you can roll a towel or the back of a mat. You can place this just under the feet for additional support. You can bring your palm close to your heart and press elbows just on the inside of knees. This shall help in opening your hips a bit further. Take 5 breaths and then release your hands on the floor. You need to move a bit away from your feet so that you are able to increase this stretch in hips and lower back region. You can hold on for at least 5 breaths. This is quite a beneficial hip workout for beginners.

Extended Wide Squat

6. Hip Circles

To do this exercise you need to position your body on the hands and knees on the floor. You need to maintain a good posture as you start the workout.

You will then raise one bent knee up. This is your starting position. As you keep your knee in this bent position, you will slowly rotate your femur in an arc. You will be trying to make a large circle with your knee. You need to do this slowly and for a few times. You can do this same process on your other side. Repeat at least te times. This hip circle will improve the blood circulation in the region and increase flexibility. It will tone the muscles and reduce fat.

Hip Circles