6 Effective Yoga Ball Exercises To Increase Stability

yoga ball

For the people who are not really a hardcore gym and workout person and want to exercise light and yet get great body stability, the yoga balls are a great companion. The exercises which can be done with the help of this ball can do wonders in stability.

Some Of The Yoga Ball Exercises To Increases Stability Are Discussed Below

Wall Up Exercise

This exercise regime is great for the body stability where the yoda ball is placed at least two feet from the wall. The next step is to lie with the face upward on the ball while the lower back is positioned at the center. Keeping the feet on the wall and while the knees are bent at a 90 degree angle the calves shoud be parallel to the ground.

The last step is to put the hands at the back of the head with the elbows pointing outward and crunching away up and down.

wall up

Roll & Curl

To practice this one, a person needs to get to the push up pose where the hands are on the ground and the top of the legs resting on the yoga ball. The next step is to roll the yoga ball inside so as to bring it to the right side of the chest while bending the knees and keeping the glutes and the abs tight. Repeating to the other side and continuing up to 5 repetitions to start off with helps!


Push Ups

To try out the push up pose with the help of yoga balls the process to start it off is by lying while the stomach is on the ball and then walking on the hands until the thighs move to be resting on the ball. The next step is to bend the elbow and while pulling the absomen inside towards the spinal cord, the upper body needs to be lowered to the ground.

Holding in the pose for a while and then pushing up again and repeating helps!


Abdominal Crunches

This can be practiced by sitting on the yoga ball while keeping the legs stuck to the ground. The next step is to cross the hands on the chest region while keeping the back straight and after tightening the abs muscles trying to lean back as much as possible till the tightness in the midsection is felt. Holding on till a count of three before returning to the start position helps in increasing stability greatly!


Ball Jogging Pose

This exercise is a welcome change from the monotonous ones and involves a person to sit straight on the yoga ball while the abs muscles are pulled inside tightly. After this is achieved, the knees need to be lifted as far above the ground as much possible while bouncing on the ball, sitting steady! This helps in increasing the body stability to a great extent!


Squats With Yoga Ball

This one is another amazing form of exercise regime which can be practiced with the multipurpose yoga ball and which improves the overall stability of a person too! To do this, one needs to position the yoga ball in between the lower back and the wall and stand with the feet at a shoulder width length apart. The next step is to bend the knees and take a sitting pose making sure of the facts that the hips are square and the shoulders are in equal levels. Holding the pose for a while and returning to the standing position and repeating helps!