6 Excellent Beginner Exercise Program

6 Excellent Beginner Exercise Program

Daily exercise keeps your body fully fit throughout the year. It prevents from any type of disease attack quickly. Exercises help you in growing stamina and ward off depression as it gives you extra energy to stay positive. You can also lose weight via proper exercises. You acquire a toned body and look healthy. So congratulations to you if you’re set to practice exercises in the morning or evening on regular basis.

You don’t always need to stick to strict gym regimen but you can also implement on distinct kinds of exercises to gain rewards. Your exercise options can also cover walking, dancing, biking, gardening and performing household chores. The beginners can make it a habit to experiment with variety of exercises steadily.

You can take the help of gym instructor if you want and maintain the program. You should carry out 30 minutes of exercises for five days a week. Even if you get less time than this, you’ll surely benefit. No one is recommending you to speed up your workout for instant results because it will only make you tired. Hence we’ve listed here 6 excellent beginner exercise program.
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6 Best Beginner Exercise Program

Warm Up Exercise

Warm Up Exercise

The beginner should start by warming up their body for the constant exercises ahead. They should perform some light intensity aerobic movements such as slow walking and jogging.

Via these movements the blood flow will enhance high thus heating your muscles and joints too. Warm up should be of 5 to 10 minutes every time.

Flexibility Training Or Stretching Exercise

You can do light stretching exercises after warm-up. People’s inactivity and age are the two factors that result the ligaments, muscles and tendons to curtail down overtime.

Hence it’s always better to practice few stretching exercises which will increase the movement of your joints. It is suggested that each stretch should last for 10 to 30 seconds. The slow, static stretches should be covered for three to seven days every week.

Do Stretching Exercises

Aerobic/Cardiovascular Exercises

You can begin your cardiovascular activity by exercises like walking and running for 20 to 30 minutes, for four to five times per week. You can also try out swimming for half-an-hour to one hour. You can also do cycling on smooth road for half-an-hour.

Aerobic-Cardiovascular Exercises

Dancing too is an appropriate aerobic activity. The breathing and heart rate heightens the more time you continue with these activities. You can also walk on treadmill for 30 minutes which is a way of cardiovascular exercise. You can adjust intensity and time as per you.
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Strength Conditioning Exercises

With target on each of your main muscles, you begin performing one set of exercises. With the help of a particular weight you can execute exercises for 8 to 12 times in a set. If you’re able to tackle more you can progressively enhance the weight, repetitions or number of sets. You can practice strength training two times a week for getting more advantage. You shouldn’t work out on the same body parts for two days continuously.

Strength Conditioning Exercises

Strength Or Weight Training Exercises

Strength exercises are better for developing the strength of the muscles. You can do those exercises for number of times. You can either go for weight lifting or exercise with stretchy resistance bands (pushups).

Weight Training Exercises

The weight lifter can execute 10 bicep curls, rest for some time and again workout for 10 more bicep curls in the next set. The beginners can also use dumbbells and barbells for your muscle strengthening. Strength training equipments also add flexible bands, flexible rods and weight stacks.

Cool Down Exercises

As you end you should cool down your body by some less straining exercise. You can walk on the road loosely or if you were walking on a treadmill you can reduce the walking speed till you breathe normally. You can also do some simple stretching exercises for five minutes. Therefore beginners should follow the above exercise program everyday without fail for a perfect body.

Cool Down Exercises