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6 Exercises For External Abdominal Oblique Muscles Strength

As we bend our body to a side or as we rotate our upper body, we are actually working on our external abdominal obliques. Extending along the sides of our torso and in the abdominal region, these muscles play an important role in building our core strength, balance, and flexibility. As we strengthen these muscles, we are able to tone our waist and work towards a strengthened firm core. These muscles are important for supporting our lower back and abdominals and also help in supporting the spine. It is important to exercise these muscles regularly for complete fitness and stability.

Here Are 6 Exercises For External Abdominal Oblique Muscles Strength:

1. Bear Crunch

To do this exercise, you need a tabletop position. Your hands shall be under the shoulders. Your knees will be under the hips. You need to dig your toes to the ground. Slightly move up your knees. They should be moving just a few inches above the ground. At this point, you will be rotating your torso to your right. You can drive the left knee along with the right elbow, in a bid to move them towards each other. They should be meeting just front of the chest. Stop in this position and then you can reverse this movement. You will be alternating the sides and repeat.

2. Side Crunches

These are quite similar to the regular crunches. The only difference is that the torso is rotated so that there is a good force on obliques. Start by lying down on your back. Keep your feet flat on floor. Your knees shall be bent. You will then drop your knees to your right as much as they can go. However, you need to see that the left shoulder blade is not lifted from the mat. Keep your hands just behind your head. This shall offer additional support. Exhale slowly as you start lifting the shoulder blades and your upper back up.

Move up as much as you can. Do not strain your neck too much. Inhale and get back to the start position. Repeat at least 10 times. You can then switch sides.

3. Side Plank

Start by lying down comfortably on your side. Your legs shall be straight. You will slowly prop up the upper body on your forearm. Now, slowly raise your hips. Your body should be able to make a straight line. Your head to heels should form a straight line. To make the workout more challenging, you can add a torso rotation.

You can also elevate your feet and make the workout tough. This side plank movement will tone your abdominal oblique muscles and remove unwanted fat in a short time.

4. Breakdancer

This is an interesting exercise and quite recommended for beginners. You need to start in a pushup position. Keep your hands just under the shoulders. Your body shall form a straight line from the heels to the head. Now, steadily, one leg at a time, you will start swinging your legs to the side. You will not bend your knee as you swing your leg from one side to another. Do not rush through the movement. Do the exercise slowly, steadily and with full control. You will feel a good stretch in your abdominal muscles and obliques. As you get used to the movement, you can increase the speed of the swing.

5. Core Stabilization

This is a beneficial exercise, not just for the external abdominal oblique muscles but also helps in strengthening and firming your core muscles. Sit comfortably on the floor. Your knees shall be bent. You will hold a weight plate right in front of your chest. You need to lean back a bit. Your torso shall make a 45-degree angle. Now, brace your core just like you would react, if you are about be punched in the gut. You will not move your torso but slowly move your arms towards the left as much as possible. Stay for 3 seconds. You will repeat the same movement on your right.

6. Russian Twists

Start by sitting in a comfortable position on an exercise mat. The knees shall be bent. Feet will be flat on floor. You will slowly lean your torso back and make a 45 degree angle. Slowly move up your feet from the mat. Your lower legs shall be parallel to floor at this point. You can then extend the arms just in front of you. Keep your palms pressed together. Inhale and then rotate your body towards the right. Hold on for 5 seconds. Exhale and get back to the center. You will inhale again and rotate towards the left.

Again exhale and get back to the center. Repeat at least 20 times.


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