6 Exercises For Knee Injury Recovery And Pain

Knee is one of the most vital parts of our body. It is the joint which bears our weight and plays an important role in our mobility. Overweight people tend to develop knee joint inflammation, pain and tenderness due to excessive pressure on the joint.

Knee strengthening exercises are specially beneficial for those who have a family history of knee pain problems or those who are obese.

Knee Strengthening Exercises Help To Keep Your Joint Healthy And Functional

Sit To Stand

This exercise helps in improving knee mobility, helps in strengthening glutes and quads and also helps in ensuring overall fitness of the body. Start by sitting in a firm chair. Your feet shall be on floor. Now, lean a bit forward as you slowly start lifting your bottom to start standing up straight. You will again sit down. You should repeat this at least 30 times. Do this in set of 4 to start with. To make the moves difficult, you can use a low chair, you can enhance the speed at which you are exercising or you can also use a heavy weight.
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Step Ups

Start by standing near a step. In case you do not have step, you can use a sturdy bench or even stairs can help you. You will step up and straighten the knees completely. Again get down. Do this at a steady pace. If you can get your balance easily, you can pump your arms too as you do the exercise. You can start doing the exercise for a minute and then increase.
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This will get your heart rate pumping too.

Buttock Kicks

This is an effective exercise which helps in strengthening the hamstrings. You do not need any extra weight for the knee joint. This exercise will help in circulation and shall enhance your knee mobility too. You will start by lying down comfortably on your tummy. You can be on the bed or floor. Keep your legs straight. Now, you will slowly start lifting your foot from floor. Get it to your bottom as much as you can. Once done, you can get back to your start position. You need to do this one movement at least 25 times. This will be one set. Do ten such sets in a day. To make the exercise a bit challenging you can add some weight.

Leg Raises

There are two types of raises for your knees. The bent leg raise and the straight leg raise – both these exercises help in strengthening the knee muscles. Start the exercise by sitting straight in a chair. You will then straighten one leg in air but you will not lock the knee. Stay in this position for at least 1 minutes.
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You can then bend the knee and lower your leg when halfway towards the floor. This position should be held for at least 30 seconds. You can get back to the start position and continue with other leg.

For straight leg raise, you need to start by sitting down in chair, while resting the feet on another chair. You can lift your feet some inches off the chair and keep it straight. Let your legs remain in this position for at least 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times or for three minutes to start with.

The Clam

Another good workout option which strengthens the glutes and gives complete support to knees . This exercise is good for obese people and a beneficial exercise for those suffering from knee pain and even complex health conditions like arthritis. To start the exercise, one has to lie down on the side in a comfortable position. The hips and knees should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Your feet shall be together. As you keep the feet together, you will slowly lift the knees high as much as you can. Stay in this position for at least 3 seconds and again lower down. Repeat this exercise at least 25 times, which will make one set. You can complete it in sets of 10.

Short Arc Knee Extension

From the straight leg raise position, you need to place a ball, which will be about the size of basketball, just below your left knee. This will help to bend your knee. You can slowly straighten up your leg. Hold in this position for sometime and then again lower. You can repeat with the other leg. This knee extension exercise helps in improving blood circulation in the knees and helps in recovering from pain and knee injury. This is a good exercise for athletes who are trying to recover from an injury.


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