6 Exercises For Oblique Muscles For Body Builders

If you are looking forward to building a perfect midsection, the one area which needs the maximum focus and training are your obliques. These muscles help in achieving the six pack figure when they are well trained and when body fat is low. It gives a tapered look to the waist section.

Training the oblique muscles involves a set of workouts which are specially designed for these muscles. If you wish to get results as soon as possible, you need to be consistent and take care of your diet at the same time.

Here Are 6 Exercises For Oblique Muscles For Body Builders:

1. Windshield Wipers

This is an oblique toner workout which helps in working out the whole upper body. You need to start the exercise in a declining plank position on a chair, couch or bench. Your core, shoulders, and hands shall be engaged. With your straight right leg, you can lift up and keep your leg straight. You can drag over close to the outside of the right hand. You can tap your toe down to floor and slowly lift the back up so that you can get back to the start position.

windshield wipers

2. Mountain Climber

This workout is quite like a moving plank. In this exercise, your core muscles have to work overtime so that your body has a stable position and is straight whenever you lift a foot. Start in a pushup position. Your hands shall be just below the shoulders. Your body shall be in a straight line from the head to heels. This shall be the starting position.

You will then lift up your right foot from floor. Move the right knee close to your chest. You will be tapping the floor using the right foot and then get back to start position. You can alternate the legs as you repeat.

mountain climber

3. Cable Woodchop

Any unweighted side crunch is a great move to create obliques. However, weight helps in reinvigorating the muscles. To this exercise, you will attach a rope to any cable tower.

You can move this cable to a high pulley position. You can grab these handles of rope and slowly kneel down. Your shoulders will be in a perpendicular position to stack. Keep your arms extended over the opposite shoulder. You shall look ahead straight and then pull this rope across the body as you finish the movement at your waist level. You can bring the weight again back to starting position. Repeat this. Do not forget to keep the abs and core straight.

Cable Woodchop

4. Bird Dog Crunches

Start on your fours. Your hands will on the floor just below the shoulders. Your hips shall be beneath the hips as you have a flat back position. Keep your core engaged. Move the right arm straight out from the shoulder. The left leg shall move back from the hip as you keep them parallel to the floor. You will squeeze the right arm and also your left leg to the starting position. Pause for a second and then start the second repetition. You need to repeat this movement for at least 10 repetitions but without letting your left back or right arm touch the floor. You can then switch the combo ( right leg and left arm) and do the movement. Do 3-4 sets and each should be of 10 repetitions.

Bird Dog Crunches

5. Dumbbell Hot Potato Squat

This is one of the best workouts for the oblique muscles which sets the heart pumping and helps in quick fat loss. This squat works on the abdominal muscles and ramps the heart rate which helps to burn fat. For this exercise, you will need a medium or light-weight dumbbell as per your capacity. You will hold this in a racked position. Keep the elbow bent and keep the end resting close to the shoulder. You will squat to ensure that the quads are parallel to the ground. You can then quickly stand as you toss this dumbbell from one of your hands to another, just in front of the face.

Dumbbell Hot Potato Squat

6. Spiderman Crunch

Start in a pushup position. The easiest way to do this is alternate lifting your feet from the ground a few inches upwards.

You need to hold this position for some time, as per your comfort level. You can then lower your leg and move up again in a straight line without touching the floor. As you get comfortable you can bend the knees a bit and bring it close to the elbow.

You will then alternate your legs for at least 10 repetitions. Take rest for at least 30 seconds in between. This will help in reducing the chances of injury, especially in case of beginners.

spiderman crunch