6 Exercises For Tight Scalene Muscles Strengthening And Flexibility

Exercises For Tight Scalene Muscles Strengthening And Flexibility

Scalene muscles are one of those muscles which should be stretched and strengthened for our general posture. Regular exercises help in improving the tight scalene muscles and builds their flexibility. This flexibility is necessary to reduce the risk of spinal injury during sports or regular workouts. Healthy scalene muscles help in maintaining the neck range of motion. It also helps in improving breathing during performance. Include any one or more of these exercises to reduce the stiffness of the muscles and improve your overall strength. Stiff or tight muscles lead to injuries and problems during sports.

Here Are The 6 Exercises For Tight Scalene Muscles Strengthening And Flexibility:

1. Neck Harness

This workout helps in strengthening scalene muscles and improves their strength and flexibility. Start by lying down on a bench like flat surface. Your face shall be downwards. Now you need to lift your neck up slowly as if you wish to look upwards.

You can again look down backward. Do this movement at least ten times to start with. Alternately, you can do this exercise by standing as you keep your knees bent. You can keep your hands on your thighs and in a sitting position.


2. Scalene Stretch

This stretch helps in releasing any kind of built tension which is caused due to the tightness of the muscles. This helps in improving flexibility and strength of the muscles. Stand as you keep your shoulders relaxed. Your chest shall be out. You will slowly lower your right ear and move it close to your right shoulder. You will feel a good stretch just on the left of the neck. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. You need to repeat this movement at least three times for each side. As you stretch the scalene muscles it will help in reducing postural imbalances and improve your general flexibility.


3. Neck Plate Curls

For this exercise, you will need weights with which you are comfortable. You will hold the weight just at the back of the head. Start the workout by lying down on a flat surface. You will face upwards. Keep your head hanging down and your shoulders need to be aligned just at the end of this bench. As you use your hands, you need to hold a light weight just at the back of the head. Move your head upwards and in a slow motion. You can again lower down and then repeat the exercise. Do this at least 12 times.


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4. Chair Strengthening

This is an easy exercise which strengthens the scalene muscles in a quick way. You need to sit down comfortably in a chair. Your right palm will be on the right of your head. It is like a stabilizing position for this workout. You will slowly start and move the right ear close to the right shoulder, as you maintain a strong resistance by the right hand. You need to repeat the exercise at least 12 times on every side. This exercise effectively strengthens the scalene muscles and helps in stabilizing the cervical spine. It helps in reducing chances of injury.


5. Neck Side Flexion

This exercise works on the scale muscles effectively. It helps to side flex the neck and helps in elevating the ribs. Such muscles help in assisting breathing, especially when it gets difficult to breathe as one exercises. Start the exercise by sitting as you keep your chest up forward. Keep it on the edge of your chair. You need to hold the leg of the chair or seat tightly with a hand. This shall help in keeping your ribs down. You need to side flex the head to your opposite side but do not move your head forward. You will feel a good stretch in the muscles, as you rotate the head. Do this at least ten times as you start. As you get comfortable, you can increase the count.
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6. Resistance Exercises

Resistance exercises help in building stamina and flexibility of the muscles. You can use your hands as you do the neck exercises. These exercises help in enhancing strength and helps in increasing adaptability of neck muscles.

Start by placing the hands just behind your neck. You can look straight so that your head is in the right level.
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You will then push your head back without allowing your hands to relocate or move. You can use your strength so that you can resist the force.

You will use the same kind of force as you do the movement on your right side. You need to do the movement 8 times for each side as you start. You can then increase the count as per your comfort level.