6 Exercises To Build Dense Muscles Steadily

Building strong and dense muscles is the dream of every bodybuilder and fitness freak. Dense muscles can be built with consistent workout and the right nutrition. It is important to work hard and do the right workouts, correctly and regularly to build dense muscles. Dense muscle building requires plenty of hard work, consistency, and regularity.
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There are several exercises which help in building dense muscles and strength in body-builders.

Here Are 6 Exercises Which Help In Building Dense Muscles

1. Monkey Push

This exercise helps in building muscles of the shoulders, back, abdominals and arms. Start in up position of the push-up routine. Your hands will be just below your shoulders. Your body will be in a straight line. It shall be from head to heels. You need to keep the core muscles tight and push yourself through the toes. Now hop a bit forward. You will land gently with your feet just on the outside of your hands. You can get back to your start position. You will bend your elbows as you keep them close to your body. Lower towards the floor and you can again push yourself back. You need to repeat twelve times.


2. Incline Push-Up

Those who are not able to do a regular push-up can try this easier version which is easier and effective too. You can keep your knees bent on the floor. You will be based on the floor and work up to the push-up position as on incline. You will be using the same technique as you do on the wall. You need to place your hands at shoulder width on the wall. This shall tighten your core muscles. Press up and then lower your body to the floor.


3. Twisting Knee Plank

This workout helps in building dense muscles in the abdominals, butt, lower body and shoulders. Start in a plank position. This will be the up part of the push-up position. You need to twist the lower body towards your left. You can then move your body to the right and then again get back to the center position. Now, slowly bring your left knee forward so that you are able to touch the left elbow. Stay in this position for at least one second and then you can get back to the center.
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You can repeat on your right side. This shall be one repetition. You can do 20 repetitions.


4. Walking Lunges

Lunges are a great way to build dense thigh muscles. You need to start this workout in a standing position. Keep your feet at least hip distance apart. You can take a big step forward as you keep your knees bent at 90 degrees. You need to keep your knees just above your ankles. Your shoulders will be just over your hips. Now, you can take one more step and repeat the movement or the lunges till you are completely exhausted.

You need to do at least three sets, each of 10 in each leg.


5. Chair Twist

This is a great exercise to strengthen your lower and upper abdominals. This workout is also good for your butt muscles, thigh muscles, hips, and obliques. Stand as you keep your feet together. You need to bend your knees and reach to your hips. You can keep your knees behind your toes. You need to lower the thighs and keep your legs parallel to the floor. Now, you can raise your arms upwards and forward. Move your torso to the right. You can also secure the left elbow on the outside of the right knees. Hold on to this position for three breaths. You can get back to the starting position. You will again repeat the exercise on your left side. This shall be one repetition. Do at least three such repetitions.


6. The Row Zone

This is one of the best exercises to build dense muscles steadily.You will be able to build muscles around your hands, thighs and legs. You need to start the workout by positioning a barbell just in the power rack. It should be above the arms from the floor. You can lie on floor just below the bar and hold it with your shoulder width overhand grip. You need to start the workout with the body in a straight line. Your heels shall be on floor. Keep your arms extended. Now, slowly contract the back muscles. You will also bend your arms and slowly pull up to the bar. As your chest will touch the bar, you need to lower your body back and get into the extended arm position. If you wish to increase the difficulty level, you need to elevate the feet on a bench.