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6 Exercises To Lose Calories And Fat Fastest In A Week

Are you trying to lose weight and burn calories really fast? There are some exercises which might help you to increase the calories burnt, but remember there is no magic pill or formula which can help to reduce weight. Hard work, nutritious balanced diet and planned targeted exercises can help you to lose weight and tone your muscles quickly, if you are consistent and work hard. Try out some of the best exercises which will help you to burn maximum calories in a week.

Exercises To Burn Calories Fast

Wall Slide

A great exercise which targets the butt muscles and helps in reducing unwanted flat. Start by lying fat on a side which is just next to a wall. Your back will be facing the wall. Your head will rest on left hand and right hand should be on floor or in front of your body for complete balance. Now, start by extending your legs a bit forward so that they are in front of your body. Now, press your right heel against the wall which is just behind.

Your foot will be flexed with your toes pointing forwards. Keep your shoulders and hips forward as you press your heel to the wall as your foot slides as much as you can. Now get back to the starting position.  Repeat this 10 times. Switch your sides and repeat. You will notice changes in a week, if you do this regularly.

Step-Up With Bicep Curl

A great exercise which works on your biceps, abs, butt and hamstrings. It tones the muscles and starts melting away fat accumulation.
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Start by standing and keep your left food on a step or a bench. You should have a 5 pound weight in your hand.

You should also have some weight on your left food. Lift gently so that you are standing on step. Your right thigh should be raised so that it is parallel to floor. Now, curl weights towards your shoulders. Get back to the starting position. Repeat this at least 15 times. Switch sides and repeat. Do at least 3 sets twice in a day for best results.

Squat To Overhead Press Exercise

A perfect exercise which tones your hamstrings, shoulders, abdomen and quadriceps and removes excess fat from all areas. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows bent. You should have a 5 pound weight in your hand at the height of your shoulders.
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Your palms should be pointing forward. Now get to a lower position to squat. Stay in this position for a few moments. Now, push through your heels and stand up. You should be pressing weights overhead. Get back to the starting position. Do this exercise in sets of 3. Each set should be of 15 repetitions.

Cross Jack Exercise

An excellent calorie crusher which targets your legs and arms! Start the exercise by standing with your feet at least hip width apart. Keep your arms at your sides. Jump at least feet wide while you raise your arms overheads. You will be crossing your one wrist just in front of other. Again jump feet together. You will cross one foot just in front of your other foot. Do this for 30 seconds up to a minute as per your comfort level. Keep switching your foot and arm position every time you are jumping. This is one of the fastest calorie burning exercises.

Spidey Crawl

An exercise which works on your chest muscles, back muscles, legs, abdomen and butt! It tones the muscles and reduces excess fat accumulation. Start by getting into a full push up position on the floor.

Keep your arms extended with your wrists just under your shoulder. Your body should form a straight line.

Now, step your right foot a bit further so that your right knee is towards the right elbow as you move forward. Keep switching your sides to bring your left knee move towards left elbow just as you move forward with your right hand.

Stay in the crouched position throughout. You need to keep crawling for at least 30 seconds and then you can reverse the movement to get back into starting position.

Dolphin Plank

A perfect exercise which works on your shoulders, abdomen and back! Start by lying flat face-down as you keep your toes tucked.
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Keep your forearms on the floor. Pull your bellybutton towards the spine and raise the hips to get back in a low plank position. Inhale as you lift your hips up to get an inverted V. Pause and then slowly get back to the starting position. You can do in sets of three. Repeat at least 15 times and burn more calories.


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