6 Exercises To Maximize Fat Burning And Enhance Muscle Toning In Bodybuilders

Enhance Muscle Toning In Bodybuilders

While planning their workout routine, bodybuilders or sportsmen need to consider a number of factors to stay healthy and fit. Reducing unwanted fat or burning fat is one of the prime reasons to workout. Until fat burning is initiated fitness, muscle toning or even muscle gain is not possible. Their exercises need to be focused on maximizing fat burning process and building muscles. There are a few specific exercises which help in burning more calories than other workouts. These exercises help in burning off excessive fat and toning muscles, slowly and steadily even after the workout is completed and the body is at rest.

Here Are 6 Exercises To Maximize Fat Burning and Enhance Toning Muscles In Bodybuilders

1. Bear Crawl

Bear crawl help in maximizing fat loss and tone several muscles at the same time. They also help in stabilizing the arm muscles, strengthening the core and condition the wrist muscles. They work towards burning fat on the upper body and thigh muscles at the same time. Start in the push-up position. You will be crawling forward from this position for at least 20 yards. You will do 5 push-ups from this position. Do not rest in between. You will again bear crawl backward at least 20 yards. Do 5 push-ups again. Rest for a minute and repeat. You can do as many rounds as you can.

This exercise helps in maximizing fat burning, even after you have stopped the workout.

Bear Crawl

2. Low Belly Leg Reach

This is an easy exercise for beginners too. This workout targets the six pack muscles and increasing the rate at which fat is burnt. Start by lying down comfortably. You will lie down with your face up. Your knees shall be bent at a 90 degree. Your hands will be behind your head.

Keep your abs contracted. Your knees shall be stacked comfortably over the hips. You will then lift up your shoulders and then crunch up. Inhale and then hold on your breath for at least 5 seconds. You will exhale again and move up your legs to at least 45 degrees. Hold on to this position for at least 3 seconds. You will be squeezing the lower belly. You can do 2 sets. Repeat 10 times.

Low Belly Leg Reach

3. Slow Dumbbells Lift

Dumbbells lifting and that too slowly can actually help in burning more calories and fat, rather than when you lift the dumbbells quickly. Pick dumbbells as per your comfort level and start lifting them slowly, hold on for a few seconds and then again lower them. Slow dumbbells lifting increases the pace of muscle toning and maximizes fat loss as much as 30%. Muscle fibers are activated more which helps to lose fat and tone muscles at the same time.

Lift dumbbells very slowly for at least 10 minutes in a day and continue burning fat even after you have finished your workouts.
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Slow Dumbbells Lift

4. TRX Row Machine

This exercise helps in maximizing fat loss throughout the body. It tones the muscles of the whole body. You will hold on the straps of the TRX row machine and squat better and squat deeper for a longer time. You can also jump while at the top. This will stress the fat cells and maximize fat loss quickly. Try and do the movement non-stop for 2 minutes. This will exert a lot of pressure on the stored fat and tone your muscles at the same time. Ensure you are taking good rest in between. You will do at leas 6-8 rounds of this exercise on the machine.

TRX Row Machine

5. Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is one of those exercises which can help in toning the muscles of your whole body. It helps in maximizing fat loss or burns much more calories than any other workout. Start climbing stairs after warming up for two minutes. You need to climb stairs but two at one time. Keep climbing stairs, at times fast and then go slow. You need to quickly climb stairs for 30 seconds and slow down for the next thirty seconds. You can speed up again for the next 30 seconds and then slow down. You can use a step-up machine for the purpose if stairs not available. With such a machine, you will be increasing and decreasing the speed of your climbing.

Stair Climbing

6. Advanced Leg Crunches

This is one of the most effective exercises which continues the fat burning process even after the workout session is over. Start by lying down on your back. Your knees shall be bent. Keep a 3 pound barbell just between the feet.
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Your palms and hands shall be beneath the sitting bones. You will concentrate on the lower abs and effectively use them to move your knees towards the chest. You shall be lifting your hips, shoulders and even head during this movement. You can get back to your starting position. This will be your one repetition. You can do at least 15 repetitions.

Advanced Leg Crunches