6 Exercises To Open Tight Hips Muscles And Build Flexibility

Tight hips are a problem of many. Lack of exercises and weight gain often make us obese or there is an immense lack of motion in certain areas of our body. Tight hips can cause a number of complications which include a severe ache in the joints. Besides, sportsperson needs to regularly exercise to open their tight hips and build flexibility in their body. There are specific exercises which help in opening tight hips if done regularly.

Here Are 6 Exercises To Open Tight Hips Muscles And Build Flexibility

1. Happy Baby

This workout derives its name from a posture which is quite common in happy babies. Babies are usually found to do this movement in their happy moments. Start by lying down flat on your back. You will be bending your knees and holding the edges of the flexed feet. Your arms shall be outside your legs. You can use your upper body strength to press your knees to the floor just below the armpits. You will not tense your shoulders or your chest muscles. You need to be relaxed. Stay in this position for at least five breaths. This is a calming hip opener which will also stretch the lower back muscles.

2. Frog Workout

This workout derives its name from the movement of a frog. You need to start by getting on your knees and hand. It is similar to a tabletop position. You will widen your knees slowly as much as you can.
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You need to pull your feet in line with knees. You need to keep the shins parallel to one another. You can flex your feet and slowly ease yourself a bit forward to the forearms. Stay in this position for at least 10 breaths. If you are holding to this stretch for a long time, you can move your hips a bit forward and then backward so that all parts of your hips are stretched.

3. Wide Squat Extended

This is a relaxing stretch which works on both hips. Stand by standing as you keep your feet a bit wider. You will then bend the knees and slowly lower the hips towards the floor. In case your heels are not touching the floor, you can roll up one towel and place it just under the heels for additional support. You need to bring the palm together close to your heart. You can place the elbows close to the inside of knees. Your hips shall open up further. Deeply breathe five times and then release your hands to the floor. You will slowly walk them away from feet so that your stretch increases at hips. You can hold five breaths.

4. Seated Hip Stretch

Start by sitting on the floor. Your knees shall be bent. Your right shin shall be in front of you. The left shin will be behind you. The left hip shall be towards the floor. As you inhale you will press the left hip a bit forward so that you feel a good stretch just in front of you. Now, exhale slowly and press the left hip backward. This will be one repetition. You will do 6-8 repetitions. Repeat every time as you increase the range of your motion. You can repeat with the other side.

5. Butterfly Stretch

This stretch opens the hips and builds amazing flexibility. Keep your knees bent and sit on the floor. Your feet shall be close. You will use your hands and move your feet just as you would open a book.
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You will be pressing your knees close down to the floor with help of leg muscles. Keep your spine straight and pull your belly button in. Keep your shoulders relaxed and look in front at your feet. Count five and then again fold forward. Move your torso to the legs. Your spine shall be straight. Your hands shall be rested on feet. Your knees will be pressed down with arms. You need to stay in this position for 6 breaths.

6. Side Swings

This is one of the easiest and quickest workout to open tight hips. Stand straight and keep your hands on your hips. Lift your right leg and move to to your right and take it up as much as you can.
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Stay in this position for two seconds and swing it down towards the left. Take your leg as much as you can to your left. This will be one swing. You need to do 15 such swings for your each leg. This exercise improves blood circulation in the legs and hip areas. It helps in building flexibility and opens the hips if done regularly.


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