6 Exercises To Shrink Waist And Tone Muscles In Your 50’s


Tone Muscles In Your 50's

You are in your 50’S – time to be confident and happy! If your waist line is a constant worry and your muscles are not what you desired a decade earlier, here are a few exercises which are definitely going to help you. You do not have to do a few strenuous move or spend hours in the gym or maintain a strict diet. All you need to do is follow a healthy diet and do a few exercises every day which will help in shrinking your waist. It will also help in toning down your muscles.

Here Are 6 Exercises To Shrink Waist And Tone Muscles In Your 50’S

1. Side Bends

Side bends help in slimming your waistline in a short time. They also help in tightening and toning the muscles which help in losing inches. To do this workout, you need to stand as you keep your feet a little distance apart. Your knees shall be a bit bend. Keep one hand on your waist. Your other hand shall have a free weight or a dumbbell. You need to bend to one side as you allow your hand with the weight to go down towards the floor. You shouldn’t be moving your hips in this position. You need to do at least 20 repetitions and then repeat on your other side.

Side Bends

2. Lunge Twist

This is a simple exercise which works to remove excessive fat from the hips and waist. To start the exercise, you need to shift your left foot a bit forward. You can then bend the left knee. A stretch shall be felt on your hamstrings on the right leg. You will then move up your hands and keep them parallel to the floor. You need to ensure that your hands are just in front. You will then take a big step in front with the left leg. You will sit down just as sit on a chair. You will keep your right leg positioned at the back. You can use your toes for supporting the right leg. Your upper body and spine shall be upright. They will be in perfect position to do the lunge. You need to do this lunge on your other leg. Repeat at least 10 times.

Lunge Twist

3. Waist Twists

This is a good exercise to strengthen and power the oblique and abdominal muscles while the waist size is reduced. Start by lying down on the floor with knees. You shall be in a table top position. Your palm shall be flat and against the wall. Your upper body has to be straight. Your will lower the legs down to a side, as you are in a bent free position. Now, slowly, lower the legs as much as you can. You should not be touching the floor. Your waist shouldn’t be twisted too. Wait for a few seconds in this position. You can again raise your legs on the table. Wait for a moment and then repeat.
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You can do 20 repetitions.

Waist Twists

4. Chair Squat

This is an effective way to shrink the waist muscles for those in their 50’s. You need to start the exercise by standing comfortably as your back is rested on a chair. Your feet shall be hip distance apart. Your weight shall be centered on the heels. You will slowly pull in the abs and hinge a bit forward. You will be hinging forward from your hips and slowly lowering the butt close to the chair. You need to wait a few seconds before you sit down. You can get back to the standing position as your core muscles are engaged. You will be able to tone your muscles and reduce your hip size.

Chair Squat

5. Climbing Rope

This is the perfect exercise for people in their 50’s, which slims the waist and tones the muscles in a short time. Start as you sit down and keeping your legs extended. Your feet shall be in a V position and turned out. Keep your toes pointed. You will contract the core muscles as you roll your spine in a C curve. You need to lift your arms and slowly move them just as you are climbing a rope. You will twist a bit as you reach. You need to do 20 reaches with every arm.

Climbing Rope

6. Lower Ab Drop

This exercise can be done quickly. Lie down on your back. Your hands shall be behind your head. Your shoulders should be a bit up from the floor. Your chin tucked in. Your eyes shall be towards the belly. Keep your legs up towards the ceiling. Inhale and then slowly lower your legs. They shall be just a few inches above the ground. Exhale and then get back to the start position. Do just 3 times. You will be able to tone all muscles and reduce your hip size.

 Lower Ab Drop