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6 Exercises To Strengthen Wing Muscles

Ask any bodybuilder about the importance of a V-shaped back. You will be amazed to know that every fitness freak looks forward to work out the wing muscles. This is the way to build and strengthen the important wing muscles, which add power and strength to your body movements.These are the broadest muscles of our back which need a regular workout. Exercises help to tone the muscles, help in reducing injury during workouts and ensure complete fitness. This also builds flexibility of the back muscles which is of utmost importance for athletes. It is crucial to include these wing muscle exercises in your daily routine.

Here Are 6 Exercises For Strengthening Wing Muscles

1. Wide-Grip Pull-Up

This is the best workout for your wing muscles as this hits the lats directly. The exercise is simple and is the easiest way to build strong wing muscles. It adds power and builds strength along with smoothness in movement. Start by gripping the pull-up bar. You will need an extra grip for this workout. Your palms shall be facing out. While you are doing the pull-up movement, your elbows will be flared out. This shall minimize the movement of your muscles and maximize the lat activation. To add to the difficulty level, you can add a weight to the pull-up belt. You can do variations with the belt.

2. Seated One Arm Cable Row

You will need a handle to do this exercise. This exercise is just like a seated cable row. The difference is that you will be using one arm at first and then the other. You will be seated as you start the exercise. You can start with the right arm. Pull the handle backward till the arm is at a 90-degree angle. You can then get back to the start position. You need to repeat this 10 times at least. You will do 3 sets of 10 repetitions as you start working out.

3. Bent-Over Barbell Row

This is an effective exercise which works out the wing muscles effectively. Start the exercise in one bent over position. Your knees will be bent. Feet shall be shoulder width apart. You can grab the bar with the same grip position as in the bench position. Now, you can pull this bar from the floor and towards the bottom of your breastbone. Once done, you can return this bar to the floor. Stop for a few seconds and then continue.

You will be consciously using your wing muscles or lats to pull this bar.

Squeeze the scapulae from the top.

4. Straight Arm Lat Pull Down

This exercise can be done by beginners too, as it is simple and doesn’t require difficult or risky movement. Start this exercise, by standing with your face on the weight stack. You will be at a lat pull down position. The feet shall be positioned shoulder width apart. You will hold the straight bar or you can also pull the attachment down with your both hands. Your palms shall face the floor. You can push your hands down. Make an arc motion. You need to take care that you are giving full emphasis on the lats.

5. Seated Cable Row

Start in a seated position. Your grip shall be on the cable attachment. Place your feet comfortably on a platform. You can slide back your hips with a bit of bend.

Do not strain yourself at this point if you feel uncomfortable. Now, you will pull the cable attachment, up to your waist. Your lower back shall be in a straight position. Your shoulders shall be pulled back. Push your chest a bit forward as you arch your back. You need to return when the arms are extended. In this position, the shoulders shall be stretched forward. Your lower back will be flexed forward. You need to repeat the workout at least ten times.

6. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are quite popular among fitness freaks for its amazing benefits. They help in building strength by working on the wing muscles. You will need a barbell with plate weights as per your comfort level. Keep your knees bent and your back shall be straight. Now, start bending in the front direction. Hold the barbell with the shoulder width. Use wrist straps if you wish for better grip. As you firmly hold the bar, you need to start lifting the weight with legs. Get back as you get back in the straight position. In this movement, you shall be sticking out your chest muscles. Your shoulder blades shall be brought back. Remember that you shouldn’t round your back or you might cause yourself serious injury.


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