6 Extensor Muscles Exercises For Strength And Power


Exercises For Strength And Power

Extensor muscles are located in the forearms and across the foot. These muscles are extremely important and help in stabilizing and also extending the wrist and foot. Bodybuilders and sportsmen need to specially work on these muscles so that they have comfortable movement, they are able to reduce muscle tightness and have a healthy body. Those who are looking for bigger, powerful and powerful forearms need to work on the extensor muscles on an everyday basis. These exercises will also help in stabilizing your body movement and offer more strength and flexibility to your muscles.

Here Are 6 Extensor Muscles Exercises For Strength And Power

1. Toe Walking

One of the simplest exercise for the extensor muscles which helps in improving circulation and building flexibility. This exercise helps in strengthening the tendons and helps in improving balance and power of your feet. You simply need to walk on your toes for at least 20 seconds when you are doing this exercise. You need to wear the right shoes for the workout, or you might hurt your muscles. You need to start by walking for 30 seconds and take rest in between. This shall be one set. You can do 8 sets of this exercise. Complete at least five sets.

Toe Walking

2. Wrist Extensions

This exercise works on the extensor muscles located on your wrists. You need barbells for this exercise. You can do this exercise as you sit down. Your forearms shall be rested on the thighs. Hold on to the barbell with your both hands. Your palms shall face down. Your hands shall hang a bit forward and be above your knees. You need to extend the wrists. Your knuckles shall be brought close to the chin as much as you can. You shouldn’t be lifting the forearms. Repeat the exercise at least four times.

Wrist Extensions

3. Toe Flexion

This exercise works on the extensor muscles located at the feet. It builds strength and power especially in the case of athletes and sportsmen for whom balance and foot power is extremely important. For this exercise, start by standing with your feet firm on the floor. Your toes shall be firmly placed downwards on the floor. You should not curl your toes. Do not move your ankles too or you will not be doing the exercise correctly. Your toes shall be on the ground for at least five seconds. You can repeat the exercise after 10 such repetitions. Bodybuilders should do this workout at least thrice a day.

Toe Flexion

4. Wrist Rollers

This is a good exercise which removes the monotony of wrist extensions. Wrist rollers should be done in the gymnasium. You can work on all your forearm muscles as a whole.

To do this exercise, you need to hold the wrist roller in your hands. The weight should be ideally dangling above the ground. The rope of the wrist rollers should be covering the bar. It should be pointed away from you. You will be using a single hand at a time for rotating the bar. You will be rotating this bar just towards you till the weight place gets close to the bar. You can then again reverse this motion and then lower the weight. Once done, you should repeat the exercise.

Wrist Rollers

5. Pencil Lifting

This is a simple exercise for the extensor muscles. You will need a pencil for this exercise. You simply need to curl your toes around this pencil as you start the exercise. You need to pick up the pencil with your toes. You will do the exercise in a seated position.

Raise your toes as high as you can and hold on to the pencil comfortably. As you successfully pick the pencil, you need to hold it for at least six seconds. This shall help in building strength and power to your extensor muscles. You need to repeat this movement at least ten times per foot.

6. Reverse Curls

This exercise works on the extensor muscles in isometric contraction. It also helps in improving circulation in the muscles. In this exercise, the forearm extensor muscles work to keep the wrist stationary. This is done comfortably against the resistance of a weight. You will not be flexing your arm at the point of your wrist. You need to hold on to a dumbbell in your hand for this workout. Your palms will face the body. Your arms shall be comfortably extended just in front. From this position, you will be bending your arms. Curl the forearms towards the shoulders. You need to lower your body and repeat the exercise. You can also do this workout by holding a barbell in your hand.

You can also stand just over a low cable pulley.

Reverse Curls