6 Floor Exercises For Fitness

Floor Exercises For Fitness

Floor exercises are specific workout routines which can be done from floor. You mostly will not need any specific kind of equipment for these exercises and can be done from home. These are easy to do and are quite effective too. Floor exercises help in toning your abdominal muscles, help in toning down your butt and help in working out your thigh muscles. If you are trying to lose weight since long, try any of these floor exercises or try a combination of these exercises and you are not getting to regret.

Best Floor Exercises To Lose Weight and Stay Fit


Lunges are effective floor exercises which help in stretching out muscles effectively. They are an effective warm-up exercise too, which help people suffering from injuries or muscle strains. Start on the floor and keep one leg just in front and one behind. You will then bend your front knee and slowly lean a bit forward. Your back shall be straight and you should be leaning as much as possible. Get back to your standing position once done. You need to do this alternately for your legs. You should repeat this exercise many times and with time you will start building endurance. Lunges are good for your thighs and buttocks.

Walking Lunges

Reverse Crunches

Start by lying flat on the floor. Keep your hands on the floor. Start to bring the knees close to your chest so that you are able to do a 90 degree angle. Your feet shall be together or you can have them crossed. Now, slowly contract the abs so that you are able to curl the hips from floor. You need to try and take your legs towards the ceiling. Now, slowly put your legs down. Repeat the process till you complete at least 3 sets. You will do 15 repetitions in all. This will work on your abdominal and hip muscles.

You will have a well toned body.

Diamond Reverse Crunches

Twist Crunches

Another great workout for your lower abdominal, thigh and back muscles. Crunches help you to lose weight and lose fat. Start by lying down on your mat. Keep your legs on a raised surface like bench. Keep your hands just behind. You will then twist and flex your waist and slowly raise the torso to a side. You will keep going till your shoulders are able to touch the mat. You will again change your twist direct and do the same exercise for muscle strengthening. With regular practice you will have strong and well toned muscles.

Twist Crunches

Hip Lifting

This is a great floor exercise which helps in reducing tension from lower back. It helps in working out your butt area.

Start by lying on your back. Keep your arms by your sides. Your feet will be on floor and knees bent.

Start lifting the hips upwards. Hold on to this position for 2 counts. You will then lower your back down.

You need to repeat all lifts for at least 60 seconds. Remember to squeeze your hamstrings and glutes. However, you should not hurt your spine. If you wish to make this exercise even more challenging, you can extend one leg just at top of lift. Your thighs will be parallel. You need to hold on to this position for at least 5 seconds. Keep your hips up and place foot on floor. You will then slowly lower down the hips.

You will be repeating this exercise for at least 30 seconds. Just switch sides and more for 30 seconds using the other leg.

Hip Lifting

Toe Taps

Toe tips are effective in toning down your abs, butt muscles and thighs. Start the exercise by lying down on floor. Keep your hands by your sides. You will slowly lift your feet as you bend your knees to an angle of 90 degrees. Your feet shall be perpendicular to floor. Slowly and quietly, you need to tap your toes to floor and then your right. Remember to alternate your tapping feet for a minute. If you find the process painful and a slight pain in your lower back region, do not bring the toes down.

Toe Taps

Dumbbell Squats

Squats is a powerful and effective exercise for weight loss. You can start by keeping your feet some distance apart from one another. You need to have a 10 pound dumbbell close to your thighs. You should squat just as you are about to sit. Your weight will be on heels. You will be squeezing the glutes as you get back to your starting position. You will repeat at least 15 times. You can also do this without the weights – it is an easier version of doing the exercise.

Dumbbell Squats