6 Forearm Exercises To Build Muscle Mass For Improved Strength And Power

 Mass For Improved Strength And Power

Forearm exercises are a must, not just for bodybuilders but for sportsmen or anyone who is trying to gain stronger muscle mass. Building muscle mass or building bigger forearms means working out specific arm muscles.

There are a number of exercises which target specific muscles and train them for bigger mass. These exercises help in grip strengthening and also help in building strengthing with improved muscle build. These workouts are simple and can be included in your daily fitness routine for powering your muscles for optimum performance during exercises.

Here Are 6 Forearm Exercises To Build Muscle Mass For Improved Strength And Power:

1. Farmers Walks

This is said to be a multitasking workout which helps in building muscle mass, improves strength and builds power in your muscles. For this workout, start by placing yourself comfortably in between weights as per your choice. Now, slowly lower your body down and hold on to the handles of the dumbbells comfortably and strongly. Your back shall be straight. Your head will be positioned forward. Power your heels and slowly raise your body up. You need to take short steps. Move forward a bit quickly. Repeat the movement at least 10 times. This will help in working out your forearms effectively.

Farmers Walks

2. Towel Cable Row

This is a simple exercise, quite suitable for beginners who are trying to build their forearms steadily. You need a towel for this exercise. Hook this towel tightly to a cable pulley. You will be standing just in front of this pulley so that you can grip the towel.

You will set it up for a row. Hold an end of this towel in your hand. Now, slowly squeeze the shoulder blades and you will row the towel comfortably to the rib cage. Do not exert yourself and do as long as it doesn’t hurt it. If it hurts too much, you need to stop and try some other time.

If you are able to do the workout without discomfort, repeat 10 times at least.

Towel Cable Row

3. Pull-Up Bar Holds

This exercise is easy to do and helps in training the forearms safely. There are lesser risks of getting injured with this exercise. For this exercise, you need to hold on to a pull-up bar tightly, with a neutral or overhand grip. If you wish, you can try out different grip widths which will help in hitting or working out your forearms from different angles. You need to hang from this bar till your grip starts giving out. You can hold on to 30 seconds or more as you start. If you are able to stay in this position for a longer period, you can add 30 seconds at a time.

Pull-Up Bar Holds

4. Plate Hand Squeeze Extension

You will need a weight plate for this exercise. Hold on to the edge of the weight plate. Keep the plate at your arm’s length. You need to have a straight posture. Your feet shall be shoulder width apart and in a comfortable position. Inhale slowly as you start lowering the plates. You will continue to lower the plates till your fingers are at an extended length.

They should be extended far enough but still should be holding the weight plate. Now, exhale and squeeze the weight plates and get back to the starting position. You will slowly power the contraction with your forearms and then slowly close your hands. Repeat the movement at least 10-12 times.

Plate Hand Squeeze Extension

5. Hand Gripper Freeweight Exercise

Start the exercise by holding on to barbells of weight which are comfortable. You need to hold this right behind the back. Your palms shall be away from you. Now, let the barbell roll down slowly on your hands and towards your fingertips. Now, you will squeeze the bar back with the fingers, till they are in good contact with palms. This movement is quite similar to any regular hand gripper movement. You should not be flexing the wrists while you are squeezing the weights. Repeat 10-12 times. You can do three such sets in a day. This exercise will help in strengthening and building power in your forearm muscles.

Hand Gripper Freeweight Exercise

6. Seated Wrist Hammer Curls

You need to be in a seated position as you start the exercise. Keep your back straight. As you start the exercise, you need to place the forearms on thighs. Your thumbs shall be pointing up. You need to hold a weight in one hammer position. You can lift it back and then move forward slowly. You can do 3 sets, each set shall be of 20 repetitions. This exercise helps in strengthening the forearm muscles and improves grips. It builds power for lifting and throwing which helps in improving the performance of sportspersons.

Seated Wrist Hammer Curls