6 Full Body Sports Training Exercises For Beginners

Training like sportsmen is a way to workout your full body. Full body sports training exercises for beginners are specially designed to increase their endurance and help in losing fat from the whole body. These exercises help in building flexibility as well as agility. Full body workouts help in blending a number of exercises which include exercises for muscular strength and endurance building.

These workouts do not just help in working out your whole body but also help in building fitness and enhancing performance. Sports training is all about complete body workout for any kind of sporting activity.

Here Are 6 Full Body Sports Training Exercises

1. Squat Thrusters

These exercises are plyometric moves which help in building speed and strength.Start working out in a high plank position. You will jump a bit forward in a wide squat position.

You will bring your hands off the ground like in a prayer position. Your hands shall be just in front of the chest. Your back shall be straight. Keep your shoulders down. Your chest shall be out as you take a low squat position.

Wait for a second and then you can place your hands on the ground. You will then again jump your feet back and get into a high plank position.

Squat Thrusters

2. Criss Cross Walking Planks

This is a great exercise to workout your full body.Start just at the end of agility cones in plank position. Your body shall be perpendicular to cones. Your hands shall be positioned just outside the first cone. Every cone must be at a distance of 1 foot from one another. As you keep your core engaged, you will move laterally as you step out with the right foot. At this position, your left arm shall cross in front of the right arm so that the right hand is just between the first and second one. You will move down the length of row by slowly stepping on the left foot in towards the right food as you uncross the arms.

 Criss Cross Walking Planks

3. Frog Squat Jump

Stand in a comfortable position, as you keep your feet wider than your shoulder width. Your toes shall be turned out a bit. You will move into a deep squat. Your hands shall touch the floor.

You will then jump just like a frog. Land softly on your feet and repeat the exercise again.


4. Balancing Single Arm Shoulder Press

This is an easy exercise for the beginners Stand as you keep your feet, a little distance apart. You will anchor an end of a resistance band just under the left foot. You shall hold the opposite end in your right hand which will be in front of the right shoulder. Your right elbow will be bent. Your palm shall face away from the body.

With good control, you can lift your right foot from the floor. Your right leg shall be bent at a 90-degree angle. As your core is engaged and as you balance on your left leg, you need to extend the right arm up. You will be doing a single arm shoulder press. You can then reverse the movement and get back to the start position as you balance on your right foot. You can then reverse the movement and get back to the start position. Keep balancing on the right foot. Repeat 6-8 times and then you can switch sides.


5. Lateral Jumps

This workout helps in changing directions powerfully and quickly which is quite essential for athletes. Start by standing on your right foot. Keep your knees bent. You will brace the core and hop towards the right as much as you can. Land on the right foot. You can leap forward and land on the left foot. Stretch out legs as much as possible in the air. Finish the workout by extending the right leg and then leap forward with the right foot. You can quickly bring the feet together and then mid jump on both your feet. You will repeat on your other side. You will be hopping to the left with your left foot. You will again leap forward with right foot and then left foot as you land on your foot.

Lateral Jumps

6. Burpees

Burpees are quite effective, especially for beginners. Stand straight as you start. Next, you need to squat down and keep your hands on the ground. You will kick your feet out and start a push up. You will again tuck your feet back just under you.

You will again spring out from the crouch with one leap. This shall be one burpee. You can do at least 10 jumps when you start off.