6 Fun Ways To Burn 500 Calories In A Day

Trying to lose weight but not interesting in long hours of gym training? There is some good news for all those who can easily burn as much as 500 calories in a day, without the gym. It can be all through fun activities and you won’t realize when you have lost weight. Most of these activities can be done anytime and as per convenience but they are the best ways to lose calories and burn fat. Some of the best ways are mentioned below.

Easy Ways To Burn Calories In A Day

Belly Dancing

For all those who love to dance – here is another reason to put on your dancing shoes and get started right away! Belly dancing is a smart way to strengthen your abs and burn belly fat without even realizing. Belly dancing helps in increasing your blood circulation.

Go For The Stairs

Skip elevators and take the stairs whenever you need to move from one floor to another. No matter how late you are, take the stairs and move as fast as you can. This can be fun and you will be burning as much as 10 calories in a minute. This is especially beneficial for those who need to move about for work or any purpose.


No time to hit the gym – no problem! Do what you like. Spend time gardening. You can make your garden more beautiful while you burn calories. Active gardening for at least 3 hours in a day helps to workout your glutes, hips and thighs.
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Constant bending and many squats will help to lose weight.

Gum Chewing

A interesting way to burn calories. Chewing gums are not there just to help you  freshen your breath but they can take away at least 11 calories in every 12 minutes.
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Try it and you will soon find a difference in how you look.

Leisure Swimming

Its a great way to cool off and have fun while enjoying this special low impact activity. Just swim at your own slow pace for at least 2 hours in a day if you can and you will be burning off as much as 500 calories.


Biking with your friends can be fun and a great pleasure. Biking at a slow or medium pace for just 20 minutes, helps in burning as much as 200 calories in a short time.


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