6 Good Wrist Strengthening Exercises

Wrist Strengthening

6 Good Wrist Strengthening Exercises

Wrist strengthening exercises are very important to improve the flexibility and strength of the wrists. Wrist strengthening exercises are also great for helping you to improve your mobility.

  Strong wrists are a wonderful asset to have whether you are a sportsperson or a fitness enthusiast.
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  Wrist strengthening exercises are good for improving the fitness levels as strong wrists are crucial for a good workout.

Exercise enthusiasts often stress on exercise involving other body parts, but exercising one’s wrists is equally important.

Wrist strength is important for optimal performance in sports or even a good workout.  Games such as tennis and squash require good amount of wrist strength and flexibility. In this article, we will explore some wrist strengthening exercises.

Various Wrist Strengthening Exercises

1. Wrist Curls

Engage your core and sit on a bench while ensuring the legs support the arms in this exercise.  Lift light weights in your hand with your wrist resting or close to the knee.

Relax your hands with the weights such that your wrists curl approximately eight inches.  Hold the curling position for a few seconds before releasing yourself from this position. Perform about 10 repetitions.

 Wrist Curls

2. Tennis Ball Squeeze

Take a tennis ball and grip it tightly for about 2 seconds. Then loosen your grip on the ball. Perform this exercise for 10 repetitions to increase your grip strength. This also strengthens the wrist muscles. The squeezing of the tennis ball exercises the wrist and ensures that the wrist is strengthened.

Tennis Ball Squeeze

3. Plank

Come into the plank position by supporting your body on your palms facing downward. Raise yourself by lowering your hands so that the elbow rests on the floor.


Hold this position for a few seconds and then release yourself from this position. Do about 10 repetitions of this in order to make sure your wrist muscles are strengthened.

4. Radial Deviation

Wrap a resistance band around your fingers with your thumb facing upward with your elbows on each side bent at 90 degrees with your forearm supported by the other hand. Curl your wrists up against the force of the resistance band with tightening of the muscles of your forearm.  Perform 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Radial Deviation

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5. Wrist Extension

Wrap the resistance band around your fingers and ensure your palms are facing downwards. Your elbow should be at your side with the forearm of one side being supported by the hand of the other side.  Slowly curl your wrists against the pressure of the resistance band and perform this exercise for about 10 repetitions.

Wrist Extension

6. Wrist Flexion

In this exercise, you need to place your palms upward while wrapping the resistance band around your fingers.  Bend your elbow to the 90 degree position and support your forearm by the other hand.  Tighten your arm muscles and forearm muscles. Then, you need to curl your wrists and move them against the force of the resistance band.
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Wrist Flexion

7.  Wrist Rolls

Take a rope and attach a weight to one side and a rod to the other side. Now  roll up the weight to the rod in such a way that your wrists are pointing upwards  and then roll it back down to the floor.
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