6 Greatest Body Building Foods

Some Greatest Body Building Foods

People might find the body building diet to be quite complicated, fancy and difficult to prepare. However, the point to be remembered is that they are all built based upon the basis of simple principles and the regular food consumed by us. You just need to concentrate upon eating the right kind of food and you would notice that the body has started to respond accordingly. In case your present regimen do not include the food items that will be discussed in this article, then you just need to march at your nearest grocery store and buy them up in order to make this mouth watery dishes which are pretty delicious and nutritious as well.


There isn’t any body builder who doesn’t include egg in his daily regimen. Egg contains the best protein which can be easily purchased by anyone as it is available in cheaper rates. When you have an egg-omelet with oatmeal then it can be the best power meal for the rest of the day. Just remember that while buying eggs, you need to check the date and carton for cracks. Store the eggs in refrigerator at home. It is said that the eggs stored outside may not cause any kind of illness but they are most likely to loose a grade per day.

Egg Whites

Salmon Fillet

The required amount of protein and the unsaturated fats can be found in salmon fillet. The hardcore lifters do not tend to possess much of fats in their body owing to the fact that they focus upon low-fat-diets. Hence, it is significant to include fish in your daily regimen in order to obtain the required amount of fats in the body. It is highly suggestible to buy Atlantic salmon as it is quite affordable and rich in protein and fats. Fresh salmon appears to be bright orange in color. Therefore, purchase a thicker cut and the meat that is near the tail.


Chicken Breast

Most of the gym rats tend to consume chicken breast regularly as it is high in terms of protein and low in fat. You can save a handsome amount by purchasing boneless and skinless chicken breast in greater quantity and keep it inside the freezer. You need to keep into consideration that the raw chicken is pink by its color. In case of improper refrigeration the color would be white which can in turn be quite harmful. Just defrost the chicken breast in refrigerator.


London Broil

Although, it has been found that chicken breast is an ideal body building food, but red meat that has been cut into thin slices is basically loaded with ample of protein. Remember to buy London Broil that basically appears bright in terms of color. If you notice that there is touch of brown in the slide of meat then do not buy it as it has begun to spoil. You can get a roast or steak that is 1 inch in terms of thickness with little amount of fat.

London Broil


It has been found that pork is often avoided by most of the diet purists. However, we must not forget that it is more flavorful then chicken. It is low in fats and rich in protein. It is considered to be quite tender and delicious of all the meat consumed by us. You would get tenderloin pre-packed in the meat section of the grocery store. Hence while purchasing you need to be careful about the date of the packet. The tenderloin needs to look firm and must lack fat. It looks pink by its color, so if you find it gray do not purchase the pack and look for it in different store.


Sweet Potato

A good body is not developed by protein alone, it also requires some carbohydrates. Consuming carbohydrate food shall offer energy to the body so that you would be capable of working and playing hard. Sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates that can be used to fill out the depleted muscles by the body builders. They are considered to be excellent for dieting or weight gaining strategy. While purchasing potatoes, you need to keep into consideration that sweet potatoes are available in two varieties. The white potatoes are regular ones used in the kitchen while the ones with darker skin and orange flesh contains lots of nutrients that can help you in gaining muscle weight. The skin of the sweet potato needs to be smooth and firm. The smaller potatoes tend to taste better than the bigger ones.

Sweet Potato