6 Hip Strength Boosting Exercises For Beginners

Beginners, who are just starting out their training sessions, need to be very careful about the workout they choose. Hip strength boosting exercises are of prime importance, since hip endurance and power plays an important role in building endurance. Endurance will help in reducing the risks of injuries and will help in ensuring long hours of workout. The muscles located around the hips like abductor, flexor and adductor need regular conditioning so that they are able to maintain their optimum health and flexibility.

Here Are 6 Hip Strength Boosting Exercises For Beginners:

1. Hip Hikes:

Beginners can start with this simple exercise. To do this, you need to stand on a single foot. You will be dropping the right side of the pelvic, a bit downwards as your left side is in a good neutral position. You will be activating the left hip muscles in this position. Now, slowly you need to lift the right side back and get into a starting position. You should repeat at least 20 times. Do the movement slowly so that circulation is improved in the area, which will build flexibility and strength.

Hip Hikes

2. Thera Band Hip Movement:

This exercise helps in strengthening the outer muscles of the hips. This helps in rotating your hips and also in lifting the legs towards your side.
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This workout is helpful in improving lateral movements in various sporting activities as well. To do this workout, you will first wrap one thera band around the ankles. Now, stand comfortably and keep your legs straight. You can hold a chair or any bar with your hands so that you are able to maintain a good balance.
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Do not move your leg. Now, slowly lift your leg straight out and move it towards the side. You will be moving your leg in a controlled manner. Repeat at least 30 times. You need to stop and again repeat this workout using your other leg.

Thera Band Hip Movement

3. Adductor Squeeze:

This is another easy but very powerful exercise which not just helps in boosting hip strength but also improves circulation and flexibility. You will start the workout as you lie down comfortably on a rolled towel. You will be placing a ball just between the knees. Now, you need to slowly squeeze this ball, just between the knees. You need to tighten your thigh muscles in this position. Do not exert yourself, if you feel a pain. Stay in this position for at least 5 seconds and you can again repeat 10 times. Let the movement be painfree. This will help in building your overall strength and stamina too.

Adductor Squeeze

4. Bird Dog:

Start this workout on your fours and on ground. Your main objective shall be to maintain a good balance as you do this movement. You will slowly lift your right arm. Now move it straight out and just in front of the body. At the same time, you will be lifting your left leg and again extending it comfortably just behind the body.

Now, slowly move and bring the extended arm and your bent knee towards the center, just under the body. You can easily extend them out again. You can repeat at least 20 times on every side. This is a powerful exericise quite suitable for those who are just getting started with their training sessions.

Bird Dog

5. Lying Hip Extension:

This exercise can be done even when you are in a great hurry. It is effective and quite powerful in strengthing all hip muscles.

You will lie down on the mat on your stomach. Your knee shall be straight. Slowly, you need to lift the leg as you start tightening the bottom muscles. This might be a bit difficult as you start but will help in improving the flexibility of your muscles effectively.

Stay in this position for at least two seconds. You will repeat this movement at least ten times.

Lying Hip Extension

6. Floor Slide Mountain Climbers:

To do this workout, you will need hand towels or sliding discs or anything which easily slides. You will be moving as if you are climbing a mountain. This exercise is highly effective in improving your muscle strength, power and flexibility. You need to start the exercise on the floor or on a wooden surface. Start in a comfortable position. You need to place the sliders, just under your feet as you are in a comfortable pushup position. You will slowly move the right leg closer towards your chest. You need to keep alternating the movement with the left leg, just as mountain climbers normally move. Do not rush in the beginning and move slowly. You can do faster when you slowly get used to the movement.

Floor Slide Mountain Climbers