6 Inner Thigh Exercises For Women

Thighs are one of the most problematic areas for most women. Fat or flabby thighs can make you look awkward and often leads to low confidence.
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Women with flabby thighs shy from wearing short skirts or dresses. If you are facing something like this and looking for ways to tone your thigh and lose fat, you need to focus on some specific exercises which will tone your inner thighs. In a few months, you will be able to see well-toned thighs.

Here Are 6 Inner Thigh Toning Exercises For Women

1. Side Lunges

These are best for toning inner thighs in a short time. Start the workout by standing as you keep your feet together. Your hands will be on your hips. You will now take a step aside to the left side and slowly lower to a lunge position. You will bend the left knee and push the hips a bit behind you. Now, you need to push using the left heel and stand.
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Cross the left leg in front but it should not touch the floor. You will then again swing back your leg to your left and then again repeat. Do this 15 times with the left leg and then your right leg.

Side Lunges

2. Scissor Legs

This workout helps in targeting your inner thigh muscles and tones them. It removes excess fat with the scissor like movement. Start in a complete plank position. Your foot will be on a folded towel or a gliding disc. Your upper body shall be stable as you slide your feet apart. This movement shall open your legs wide as much as possible. You can then again squeeze the inner thighs so that your feet slide back together. You need to do 2 sets. Each set shall be of 15 repetitions.
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Do not forget to rest in between the sets.

Scissor Legs

3. Criss Cross Power Jacks

This movement works to tone the inner muscles while the whole body is engaged. It helps in increasing heart rate too which means calories burning more. To do this, you need to stand as you keep your feet together. Now, take a deep breath. As soon as you exhale you will jump your feet wide and cross your arms right overhead. You will then scissor legs from this position. You will cross your left leg in front of the right as your left arm shall crossthe right arm at your chest level. You will then repeat and alternate sides.

Criss Cross Power Jacks

4. Side Plank Lifts

This is one effective leg lift variation which challenges the thigh muscles. Start by lying down on the right side.
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You will prop the upper body on the right. Keep your arms extended. Your palm shall be flat on the floor.
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Now, you need to extend your right leg straight. Keep your toes pointed. Bend the left knee and then step your left foot on the floor just behind your right leg. Your hips shall stay stacked in this plank position. You can then move your weight to your left leg so that your right toe touches the floor. Squeeze the thighs as you lift the right leg up so that it gets close to the left leg. Hold for a count. You can then lower your position. This will be one repetition. You need to do 15 such repetitions with each leg.

Side Plank Lifts

5. Gate Swings

This exercise helps in stabilizing and targeting inner thigh muscles. You will stand on your left leg. Your hands shall be clasped just behind your head. Now, slowly bend your right knee and then swing your leg up. The movement shall be across your body. Keep your right foot flexed. Sweep your right leg but without keeping your right foot on the floor. You will repeat at least 10 times moving back and forth with one leg. You will then repeat with your other leg.

Gate Swings

6. Inner Thigh Circles

This workout helps in removing unwanted fat, tones the thigh muscles and helps in building energy too. To do this, you will lie down on your right side. Your head will get support from the bottom arm bent. You will bend your top leg and then keep your foot firm on the floor just in front of the other leg. You will hold on the ankle for support in this position. You will point the bottom foot and slowly lift the left leg up higher.
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You need a swooping motion and trace a small circle with your lifted leg. Every time you make a circle you are working out the inner thigh muscles. You need to do at least 20 circles in a direction. You can then switch sides and again repeat.

Inner Thigh Circles