6 Leg Strengthening Workouts For Dancers

Are your new to dancing? Are you looking for some lower body exercises that can improve strength, tone your leg muscles, add a little more poise and make your legs look sexy while you dance?  Then you are on the right page. Add the five leg workouts given here to your workout routine to realize your goal. You can build the strength of your legs and thighs with consistent exercise. A dance-centered leg workout at least three times in a week is a must for best results.

Here Are 6 Leg Strengthening Workouts For Dancers:

1. Squats

Stand straight with feet hip width apart and stretch your arms straight in front of your chest with palms facing the ground. Bend your knees and lower your body by pushing the hips backwards so that all body weight is on the heels. Ensure your chest is raised and knees do not go past your toes.

Hold for a second and go back to starting position. Do this for 20 counts.


2. Single Leg Lift

Begin with tabletop posture and tighten your abs. Raise your left leg off the floor as much as possible. Hold this posture for a second. Squeeze your buttocks and try to lift your leg higher towards the plafond without bending your back.  Hold this pose and return to original position. Do 10 reps and switch sides.

Single Leg Lift

3. Clams

Lie down on your left side with legs together. Your head, left shoulder and left heel should be touching the ground. Bend your knees and stretch your left hand straight and place your head over it. Open your right knee towards the ceiling keeping the left and right heels connected. Do not move your hips. Go back to starting posture and repeat the movement again. Lift both the heels off the ground in connected position and open up the right knee towards the ceiling. Switch sides and do the same. Do this for 5 counts on each side.


4. Big Kick

Stand erect with feet together and toes pointing outward. Hold a chair with your left hand and lift your right hand above your head.

Tuck you tummy towards the spine and lift your right leg frontwards. Lift it as much higher as possible without bending your back. As you move your right hand downwards, circle your right leg to the side without letting it down. Continue the circling of the leg and bring it towards your back.

Slightly lean forward as you move your leg backward. Do 10 reps and switch sides.

Big Kick

5. Leg Scissor

Lie down face up on a flat surface with feet together and arms along the sides. Raise your legs straight towards the ceiling without bending your knees. Lower them to 45 degree angle and hold this position. Tighten your abs and open your legs wide apart to form a V shape. Pause for a second and bring the legs close to each other. Cross left leg over right and then spread them again. Next, bring them close to each other and cross right over the left. Repeat the same for 15 counts.

Leg Scissor

6. Angled Leg Extension

Extend your left leg out in level with your back. Make sure, it is pointed towards the room’s corner, so that it is at an angle. Now point the toes and at the same time pull your bellybutton into the spine. Raise and lower your leg a few inches for about 32 repetitions (count one up & down, as one rep). Repeat with your right leg too.

Angled Leg Extension