6 Mobility Training Workouts For Improved Sports Performance

Improved Sports Performance

Excellent sports performance requires hours of training and lots of perseverance. Trainers need to include a wide number of exercises in their daily routine. These exercises include a mix of strength training, muscle building, fitness training, endurance building and the most important mobility training. Mobility training exercises refers to all those movements which ensure speedy movement without any kind of stress on the body. These workouts help in building flexibility and immense mobility which also helps in reducing the risks of injuries. These workouts are important for all fitness freaks as they mostly work on all the muscles of the body.

Here Are 6 Mobility Training Workouts For Improved Sports Performance:-

1. Couch Stretch

This is a simple exercise and can be done by beginners too. Start comfortably on your fours. Your hands shall be just under the shoulder.
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Your knees just below the hips. Your knee shall be comfortably on the ground while your feet shall be posted against the wall. Slowly, start lifting a foot from the ground. You need to slide your feet up slowly till your foot and the shin is comfortably against the wall. You will now step out your another leg a bit forward. Slowly, squeeze the glutes. You can lift the torso so that it is in complete line with the back. You need to move your heels closer to your butt. In this movement, you will be contracting the hamstrings for a second. This shall be one contraction. You will be doing 15 contractions and then repeat with your opposite leg.

Couch Stretch

2. Standing Calf

You need to keep your feet in front of one another. They should be at least 18 inches away from each other once you begin the exercise. You need to keep your back leg straight.
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Your heel shall be on the ground and firm. Slowly push against the wall. This will help in increasing your stretch and help in building mobility. Hold on to this position and repeat with your other leg.

Standing Calf

3. Leg Swings

Leg swings are immensely effective in building flexibility and enhancing agility. You need to start the workout by standing at least two feet away from the wall as you start with your right foot. Your hands will be on the wall and they shall be at the height of your shoulders. Your right foot will be pointing straight as you start swinging the left leg. You will move your leg in a pendular motion. Your leg shall swing from one side to the other side. This is said to be a good exercise for building hip and groin mobility.

Leg Swings

4. Single Leg Hamstring

For this workout, you need to start by placing your leg out and completely straight. Feel relaxed as you start. You will bend your other leg so that your foot is completely flat and in your thigh.
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Now, from this position, you will bend a bit forward just from your waist. Your back will be comfortable and flat. You will feel a good stretch at this point. Hold on to this position for 5 seconds or more if you can. Repeat the movement with your other leg.

Single Leg Hamstring

5. Belly Lift Walk

This is an effective exercise for those who suffer from problems of stiff muscles and lack of flexibility. You will start from a pushup position. Your hands will be comfortabe on a box or a low step. Legs will be straight. You will slowly walk your feet as much as you can towards the hands.
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Your upper back will be slowly rounding as you are able to move your foot forward. You will then push your heels on the floor.
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Your palm shall be on the box or the step. If you are not able to keep your legs straight, you need to stop at the specific point. Just inhale and exhale 5 times. This shall be one repetition. You need to do 5 such repetitions.

Belly Lift Walk

6. Lying Hip Rotations

This exercise helps runners, soccer players, tennis players and any game which require quick running and movement. Lie down comfortably on the floor or mat. One leg shall be just above the other. It shall be just above the knee and on the lower thigh. You will use a towel or your hands and hold the bottom of the leg. Your back shall be flat and without stress. You will then move the knee close to the chest.
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The top leg shall be fixed. You will feel a good stretch on your hip muscles. Move as far as you can. Do this for both your legs and 3 times to start with. If you feel too much strain, just count two and get back to the start position.

Lying Hip Rotations