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6 Muscle Building And Gym Training Tips For Thin Guys

Muscle building tends to get a bit tough, especially for those who are genetically thin. Gym workouts, balanced with right nutrition, adequate sleep all contribute towards muscle building. However, this might take time, lots of hard work and perseverance. Never lose hope and patience during your training sessions. Here are expert tips for all thin guys trying to build muscles through gym training.
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Training Tips For Thin Guys

Set Realistic Goals

You need to have focus and goals to keep yourself motivated. These goals can be like gaining 20 lbs muscle in a year or maybe improving bench presses from 100 lbs to 200 lbs in 8 months and so on. However, set goals which are achievable and realistic or else you will be demotivated.

Bodybuilding helps a person gain confidence, helps the person to get stronger both mentally and physically. With realistic goals, achievement gets easy which will keep you motivated. So, for gym success and to be on track its important to set realistic achievable goals.

Do Compound Exercises

Those fancy ab exercises or those fancy machines might not always help you. They are not always effective too, especially in case of beginners or for those who are extremely thin.

Thin guys should first concentrate and train to gain muscle over whole body and not only abs, arms, chests or other parts of the body which are visible. It is crucial to do bench presses, squats, overhead presses and dead lifts. These compound exercises challenge most of the body muscles and help to gain muscle mass.

Challenge Yourself

Set small tests or challenges for yourself every-time you are working-out. Keep challenging yourself by setting higher weights, more counts or longer duration – it will keep your interest, bring variation in your workout sessions and help you stay motivated.

Add Variety

Having the same kind of food tends to get boring. Having the same dry rice and chicken breast everyday can be frustrating and this is when we slip our diet plans.
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You should actually enjoy everything you are eating, whether they are vegetables, fish or meat.

If your meals are not appetizing you will surely want to ditch them and have everything which you are not supposed to have. Thus, flavoring your food is of utmost importance. The best way to add flavors is with seasoning.

You can use different types of seasonings during your meals. You are never going to feel tired or bored.

Eating Habits

Take care of how frequently you are eating. Starving does not help in any way. Your body needs some nutrients, especially when trying to build muscles or gain weight. Eating three meals in a day does not help in muscle gain. You need to feed your muscles with right ingredients and best nutrition. You should eat every two or three hours.
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Have a heavy nutritious breakfast which will keep you energetic throughout the day. You can have healthy snacks every three or four hours.

Stay Hydrated

You need to drink plenty of water throughout your workout sessions. 70% of our muscles are made of water. Thus, if you wish to have stronger muscles, your body will need more water. You need to drink as much as one gallon of water every day.

If your body is dehydrated, you will start feeling tired and exhausted quickly and will not be able to carry on with your workout schedule.Follow the above tips and you will soon be able to develop great muscle mass and soon be leaving your skinny self to a fit and healthy individual.


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