6 Muscle Power Training Exercises For Women

Exercises For Women

Power training helps women to stay healthy, strong and with enhanced stamina. Women  need to spend a few hours every day for strength training to keep their energy high. These exercises are essential for women to stay fit and build stamina for their everyday activities. This kind of training helps in reducing emotional frustration which women tend to face with age. Besides this, these exercises help in maintaining muscle mass and power.

Here Are 6 Power Training Exercises For Increased Stamina

1. Standing Calf Raise

Falling is one of the greatest worries for women at this age. Exercises which help in improving mobility and strength of the lower legs and feet help in building strength in women. To start, you need to have a dumbbell in the right hand. Keep your left hand on the chair for balance.

Move your weight on the left foot. You can stand straight and let the dumbbell hang by your side. You can press the ball of the left foot. You will move upwards just on the toes. You can keep your left knee open. Now, press a bit upwards. Move your feet high as much as you can. You can then get back to the start position. This shall be one repetition. You need to repeat 6  times. You can then switch and repeat.

Standing Calf Raise

2. Chest Fly

Chest muscles need special training for support and strength. Start by lying down on the floor.

Keep your knees bent. Your feet shall be flat. You will hold a dumbbell just above the chest. Your palms shall face one another. You will be moving your shoulders away. Move it a distance away from the ears and downwards. It will go towards the core. As you slightly bend, your arms shall open out to your sides. Your upper arms shall touch the floor. You will not totally relax the tension in the arms. You need to let the wrists touch the ground. You will slowly contract your chest muscles and move the dumbbells to the start position. This will be one repetition. You need to do 6-8 repetitions.

Chest Fly

3. Triceps Extension

This is an easy exercise which helps in toning the triceps and shoulder muscles. You will need light weights to do this workout. Start in a lunge position. Your back heel shall be on the ground. You will slowly lean on the bent knee. Lift the right arm slowly by your side. The top of weight will be facing the ceiling. You can lift and slowly lower the pound weight by an inch. If you are comfortable, you can repeat this at least 20 times on each side.

Triceps Extension

4. Squat To Chair

This is the best strength exercise which helps in building bone and muscle strength. It helps in improving bone density and muscle mass of the lower body. Start comfortably as you keep your feet shoulder distance apart. Keep your toes turned outwards a bit. You will slowly extend your arms a bit forward. Your arms shall be parallel to the floor as you do the exercise. You can bend your knees. Try and reach your hips just as you are about to sit. You can lower the hips till you are able to touch the chair. You need to quickly press in your heels. You will then get back to the start position. This will be one repetition. You need to repeat 10 times.

Squat To Chair

5. Second Position Plies

This is quite like a ballet move. This exercise helps in toning the inner thighs and the butt muscles too. Stand comfortably as you keep your feet shoulder distance apart. Your toes shall be pointed out.
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Now, you need to slowly lower your body as you bend the knees. Your thighs shall be parallel to the floor. You will bring your arms above your head. Bring the shoulders back and down. You can pause for a while and then push back yourself. Get back to the starting position.

Second Position Plies

6. On Spot March

This is a simple exercise which strengthens the calf muscles, arm muscles and thighs. You will stand straight and lift your right leg and make a 90 degree from your knees. Bring your knee down and lift your other leg in the same way. Quickly do the movement for both legs. This movement is quite similar to that of marching. You will also swing your hands to and fro as if you are marching.
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The combined movement helps in building stamina and strength in your whole body. You need to do this at least 4-5 minutes at a stretch. If you are comfortable and do not feel tired, you can do the movement for ten minutes at a time.

On Spot March