6 Power And Strength Building Workouts For Sports Fitness

When we start with our fitness routine we all have some goals in mind. The most common goal is weight loss and building fitness. Do you realize that weight loss and overall fitness is possible only when you have enough strength, endurance, and power to workout regularly? Athletes especially need to work out for long hours in the gym to stay fit and build high levels of power to perform under great pressure. They need high endurance levels and strength for working out on a daily basis. It is necessary to workout for building power, strength, and endurance.

Here Are 6 Power And Strength Building Workouts For Sports Fitness:

1. Wall Quad Stretch

This wall quad stretching workout especially for runners or athletes. It helps in giving power to your knees, shins, ankle and foot. Start by standing as you face away from a wall.
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You will be in a lunge position. You can flip your back foot against the wall. Your toes shall be on the surface of the wall. The back knee works as the axis point and helps in determining the extent of your stretch. The close your back knee stays to the wall, the greater will be the stretch. If you wish to stretch further, you can push the hips forward.

Wall Quad Stretch

2. Frog Squat Jump

Start by standing as you keep your feet wide apart. Your toes shall be out slightly. You can drop in a deep squat from this position. Your hands shall touch the floor. You will then explode into a jump just like a frog. You will land softly on your feet. Repeat the exercise at least 15-20 times.
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This will help in building power and strength in your calf muscles.

Frog Squat Jump

3. Power Press

Start by setting one flat bench just in the middle of the Smith Machine. The bar in this way shall lower down to the middle chest. You can then lie and hold the bar to your shoulder width grip. You can unhook latches. Now, lower this bar, quite similar to the way you do a bench press. As the bar will reach the chest area, you can press it so that you can move this bar up as much as you can. You can raise it, till it will leave your hands when on top. Release and let your arms extend but a bit bent at the elbows. This shall help in catching the weight as soon as it comes down.
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You can reset the hands so that they are in an even position before you do another repetition.

Power Press

4. Push Ups

This is the best workout for building power and strength. Start with your knees facing the floor. Your hands shall be shoulder width apart and just under the shoulder. Get into a plank-like position. Keep your legs straight and support your weight on the feet and hands.
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Now, start by squeezing the backside by engaging your trunk and lowering the body towards the ground. Your elbows shall be tucked in at this point. Go down slowly as your chest is close to the ground. Get back to the start position and extend your arms slowly. Repeat. You can do three sets of push-ups, each of 10-12 repetitions.

push ups

5. Box Drill

A great workout which gives power to your calves. You will be jumping around a box or any imaginary table. Start the workout by balancing on your right foot. Keep your knee a bit bent. Your arms shall be loose by your sides which will help in balancing. Now, hop and move to your right. You will land on just your right foot. As you stay on this same leg, you will hop to your left and then again move forward and back. You can switch your legs and then change your direction. Your main focus will be on small and quick jumps.

box drill

6. One Arm Power Row

You can place this bar near the bottom of Smith machine as you start the workout. You need to stand at the side of the bar.
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Your right foot shall be at least 12 inches away from the machine. This will give you enough space as you release it. Now, hold the bar with the right hand. Keep your back flat and your knees shall be a bit bent. You will use your back muscles and pull your weight upwards a bit forcefully. You can let the bar go off as you slowly pull the shoulder blade backward. The weight shall be falling to the starting position. This will be balanced by the bumper springs. You can repeat and do at least 10 repetitions.
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Switch arms and continue. This is a great power boost for your arms and shoulder muscles.

One Arm Power Row