6 Quick And Easy Warm Up Exercises For Beginners

6 Quick And Easy Warm Up Exercises For Beginners

No matter what your workout plan is, you need to do a few warm up exercises. Beginners who are just starting with their training schedule should do all warm-up exercises well so that the body loosens well. Warm up exercises are also essential for preparing the mind and the body for action. Beginners should spend some additional time doing warm ups because it will help them to carry out the workout schedule effectively and also reduce the risk of injuries.

Here Are 6 Easy Warm-Up Exercises For Beginners:

1. Jumping Jacks

This exercise helps in loosening the muscles and activates metabolism. It also improves blood circulation which makes the individual feel energized and full of stamina. Start by standing with your feet close by. Your hands shall be by your sides. Raise your arms above the head and jump a bit so that you are able to move your feet wide. Do not pause and reverse the movement. You need to repeat at least 10 times.

Jumping Jacks

2. Knee Lifts

As you start walking for this exercise, you will slowly bring your knees upwards. They will come close to your chest.

To bring a slight variation in this workout, as you bring your right knee up you can twist your lifted leg slowly to the left and then move your upper body to the right just as the spinal twist. You need to repeat this on each side. This will help in doing other twisting or high-intensity exercises later on.

Knee Lifts

3. Core Rotation

This is a quick warm up which gets your body ready for any kind of workout. Stand as you keep your feet at least hip width apart. Your arms shall be a bit extended and just in front of you. Keep your palms together. Now, keep your core engaged and rotate your upper body toward the right. This will make your arms in a straight line with the right shoulder. This will be one repetition. You need to reverse and then twist to the left.

This movement will make your arms in a line with the left shoulder. You need to keep alternating as quickly as you can. Do 10-20 repetitions.

Core Rotation

4. Stretches

Dynamic stretches help to warm the muscles. Dynamic stretching is about a movement which is through a range of motion. You can move your hand in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for a long period. You can keep kicking your leg forward for 20 counts. You can easily touch your toes and reach up for the sky. Keep doing these range of motions for at least ten minutes. You will not be holding on to any one position when you are working out.

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5. Mountain Climber Slow Motion

You will start at the top position of push-up. As you keep your abs braced, you will slowly pick up the right foot and bring the knees close to the right shoulder.

Stay in this position for at least two seconds. You can then get back to the starting position. Keep alternating your legs till you have done at least 12 repetitions. This exercise increases your body flexibility and warms up for the next few training sessions.

Mountain Climber Slow Motion

6. Butt Kicks

This is one of the easiest exercises which helps to warm up in a short time. You need to start walking or jogging slowly. You will bend one knee and then lift it just behind as you are trying to kick yourself in butt. This workout helps in effectively stretching out your quadriceps easily.

Butt Kicks