6 Quick Hip Workouts For Women To Lose Fat

Women tend to accumulate the most fat around their hips and the tummy region. The worst fact is that, though fat accumulates the quickest in this section, it is also the most difficult to section to lose fat. There are a number of hip workouts, especially for women which help in reducing the love handles or fat from the hips.

Doing these exercises on a regular basis along with a balanced diet helps in losing fat in the quickest way.

If you are troubled with stubborn fat around your hips here is something to cheer about.

Here Are 6 Quick Hip Workouts For Women To Lose Fat:

1. Plie Squat

Stand tall by keeping your feet wide and in a comfortable position. Your feet shall be at least shoulder width away. Keep your toes pointed at an angle of 45 degrees. Your back shall also be straight as you begin the workout. Keep your knees over the toes and your weight shall be on the heels of feet. You will be engaging your thighs and glutes in this position as you slowly lower down in a squat position.

Your thighs shall be parallel to the ground. With full power on your heels, you will get back to the start position. Repeat the movement at least 5 times.

Plie Squat

2. Hanging Deadlift

This is an effective workout that strengthens the back muscles and works on the hip fat. You will need dumbbells in your hands. Stand by keeping your feet wide. Your feet shall be at least hip width apart. Your knees shall be bent. Weights should be held just in front of the thighs. Your palm shall face in. Keep your spine in a neutral position and hinge a bit forward from the hips.

You will be reaching to the dumbbells on floors. In this position, your torso shall be almost parallel to the floor. Remember to focus on glutes as you raise the body halfway. Get back to the original position.

This shall be one repetition. You need to repeat at least 20 times or as per comfort level.

Hanging Deadlift

3. Leg Lifts – Plank

Start by getting in a plank position as you rest on the floor. Your hands shall be under the shoulders in a comfortable. Your butt shall be down. Now, you will engage the ab muscles as you slowly pull the belly button close to the spine.

Squeeze the left glute so that you are able to lift the left leg. It should be up by at least two inches from the ground. The leg shall be straight. Your left leg shall be to the side and then get back to the start position. You will repeat. Change legs. If you feel too much pressure or pain at any point, you need to stop the movement and do it at a later time.

Leg Lifts - Plank

4. Hip Raises

This is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight from the hip region.  Start by looping a resistance band just around the ankles as you lie down on the right side. It will support the upper body with your forearm and right hand. You need to extend the legs out. Your feet shall be flexed. You need to brace your abs in a tight position and slowly lift the top leg up. You will rotate the leg so that your toes point downward. This will keep tension on the band. You can now lift the leg higher. This will be more than hip height. You will push against the band as the heel gets rotated up. Get back to your heel height. Repeat this step at least 10 times quickly. You can then switch sides.

Hip Raises

5. Leg Lifts

This workout can be done even when you are in a hurry or have very little time to spare. Start by lying down on your stomach. Your forehead shall rest on hands. You will then squeeze the left glute, so that you are able to lift the left leg and the thigh. They need to be lifted from the ground as much as possible as the leg is kept straight. Stop in that position for some time and then lower the legs. You will feel a stretch in the hips and thigh region which will help in toning down the muscles. You can switch legs and repeat. This should be done 10 times for each leg.

leg lifts

6. Standing Side Kick

Start with your feet wide apart. Keep your hands on hips. Now slowly extend your right leg to side at your hip height. Count 2-3. Your inner thigh shall be parallel to floor. Hold on to this position for a count. You will then take 3 counts and lower to floor. Repeat 15 times and then you can switch your sides. It will help in losing fat from hips and thighs.

Standing Side Kick