6 Reasons Why Should We Not Skip Warmup

It is always recommended that you do warmup before any kind of exercise routine. Be it walking, swimming, stretching, cardio, aerobics, etc.
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But why is doing a warm up so important? Well there are many reasons that makes both warm and cool down important. So let’s discuss why a warm up session is so important-

6 Reasons Why Should We Not Skip Warmup

Gradual Increase In Heart Rate

A gradual increase in heart rate is always suggested before you give it shocks or take the heart rate up and down. This helps the heart adjust to isometric and other exercise patterns too. Else you have a risk of getting heart related ailments.
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Warms Up Muscles

Warming up exercises are very important so that you are able to warm up muscles. If muscles are not warmed up properly prior to exercising you can hurt them, which leads to inflammation and soreness and other related problems too.

Delays Accumulation Of Lactic Acid

Lactic acid accumulates when you are doing high intensity exercises. Usually lactic acids tends to accumulate much faster when you are doing hectic exercise and this leads to health problems. Too much of lactic acids is a problem for toning and shaping muscles.

Keeps Brain Alert

A warm up session makes the brain alert when you are about to start an exercise routine. This is why vital because the brain being alert means that all the other body parts are being alert too. And this in turn improves flow of oxygen and better blood flow in the body along with preparing the body for sudden and drastic moves. Without an alert mind, you always risk getting hurt.

Prevents Tissue Tear

Like muscles, the tissues in the body too are prone to wear and tear. A warm up session ensures that the tissues are prepared for a hectic schedule ahead. This minimises injuries too.

Increases Core Body Temperature

The gradual increase of the core body temperature is highly suggested to avoid different kinds of body risks, especially to internal organs. A gradual increase in body temperature happens via a regular warm up and this prevents such risks to the body parts.Make sure that you cool down as a rule of thumb too.
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