6 Resistance Band Exercises For Building Strong Muscles

Resistance bands are quite popular among gym goers and also those who prefer to workout at home. These bands offer a number of benefits and are quite useful in building strong muscles, especially your thighs and butt region. These exercises can be done with the bands available in a variety of lengths and shapes. Each of the bands serve a specific purpose and can be used in different postures. If you are trying to build strong muscles and great endurance, you need to try out workouts using the resistance bands.

Here Are 6 Resistance Band Exercises For Building Strong Muscles:

1. Glute Kickbacks:

To start this workout, you need to first get on your knees and your hands. You will hold both the handles just under the chest. You will again loop the band just around the arch of the right foot. In this position, you need to have your core tight. Your back should be completely flat as you start with the workout. You will slowly contract the butt and then with great power and confidence, you need to kick out the right leg as much as you can. You need to stay in this position for at least 2 seconds and then get back to the start position. You will complete one whole set and again switch your legs. You need to repeat at least 8-10 times as you start the workout.

Glute Kickbacks

2. The Clam:

The clam works the outer thighs and gluteal muscles. It also enhances external hip rotation, which improves dance and athletic performance. Lie on your side, with your knees bent at a 45-degree angle.

Secure the loop band around your thighs, just above your knees. Keep your heels together, stabilize your pelvis, and lift your top knee against the band’s resistance so it faces the ceiling. Do 12 repetitions, then switch sides and repeat.

The Clam

3. Standing Leg Adduction:

This is a beneficial exercise for building strong thigh and calf muscles. You will attach the end of the elastic to an ankle strap. Again wrap this strap around the ankle. You will be standing at least three feet away from the door.

Your active leg, with the strap should be close to the door. You can also place a chair which will help in building stability. You need to keep the back straight, your head should be straight in this position and your stomach totally tight. Your active leg shall be positioned at a 45 degree angle with floor.

You need to slowly pull the active leg inwards and move it away from the anchor point. Your active foot shall be just in front of the stationary foot. You need to repeat this movement at least 10-12 times as you begin.

Standing Leg Adduction

4. Lying Hip Abductions:

This is a great exercise which helps in building muscle strength and great endurance. You need to start the workout by lying down comfortably on your side. Your legs shall be stacked. You will then string one resistance loop just around the ankles. You will brace your core muscles and your upper body. You also need to add power to your butt muscles and slowly raise your left leg up. You will move your left leg in the air. Hold on to this position for at least one second and you can again get to the bottom. You need to complete a set, then flip over and repeat the workout on your other side.

Lying Hip Abductions

5. Band Walk:

Outer thigh exercises are usually not weight bearing. However, band walk is one weight bearing exercise which is quite effective in building strong muscles and helps in development of outer thigh muscles.

To do this workout, you will need the continuous loop band. You will place this band just around the ankles. Now, take one step a little sideways and you will step with the right foot. You will again bring the left foot in and meet it. You need to do at least four sets of this workout. You will take eight steps towards the right and again eight steps towards your left.

Band Walk

6. Front Squat:

Start the workout by standing on the band. Your feet shall be wider than your shoulder width. You will hold on a handle in your hand. Move the top of this band over each should. You will sit comfortably down. Keep your chest up. Your abs shall be quite firm. You will be pressing the knees out over the toes. You need to again rise up and get back to the start position. You need to repeat this workout at least 12 times, when you are starting and as your body gets comfortable you can increase the count to 20.

Front Squat