6 Stomach Exercises And Stretches For Flexibility And Toning

Stomach muscles tend to get tight and often lack flexibility. This can be a great hindrance for optimum performance in case of sportsmen. These super exercises help in tightening the muscles and toning, which ensures smooth performance and lowers the chances of injury.
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These exercises and stretches are just perfect for those who face problems with movement. Stomach stretches can be done every day as a part of fitness routine. These are easy and have a significant effect in achieving great flexibility for the stomach muscles.

Here Are 6 Stomach Exercises and Stretches For Flexibility and Toning For Sportsmen

1. Scissors

This is one of the easiest exercises for beginners who are just starting with their training. This exercise creates pressure in the stomach muscles, melts away fat and strengthens the muscles.
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Start by raising your legs and move them up towards the ceiling. You need to keep your leg completely straight during the movement. Now, slowly lower the left leg till it is around six inches from the floor.
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Move your shoulders and head from the floor. You can also grasp your right leg at this time. At this point, you can start pulling your leg slowly towards you. Now, switch the legs and repeat on your other side. You should do at least 10 repetitions.


2. Rectus Stomach Stretch

This is an effective exercise for sportsmen who are trying to build swiftness in movement and flexibility. Start the exercise by lying down on the floor and on your stomach. Your hands shall be in a press up position. Now, slowly start to straighten the elbows.
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You need to allow your back get into an arch. At this point, you should have your abdominal and back muscles relaxed. Do not pressurize yourself. You need to straighten the elbows as much as possible but as long as you do not feel any pain. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds, if you can. You need to repeat at least 10 times. If at any time you feel a pain, you should stop immediately.

Rectus Stomach Stretch

3. Oblique Stretch

Start the exercise by standing tall. Your back shall be straight. Your hands will be above the head. You will slowly lean to a side till you feel a light stretch on one side of the torso. Stay in this position for at least 4-5 seconds. This stretch helps in reducing fat from the abdomen and tones the muscles.You can then get back into the starting position. You need to repeat the exercise at least 10 times if it doesn’t pain you. You can again repeat this exercise on your other side. This exercise helps in reducing stress and removes soreness.

Oblique Stretch

4. Cable Rotation

You will need a cable for this workout. Start the exercise by holding a cable with your hands and in front. It should be at the height of your shoulder. You need to keep your arms fixed and completely straight. Your abs shall be engaged at this point. You will be rotating the upper body towards the left. You can again get back to the center. Get back towards the right and again to the center. This will be one repetition. You need to change the sides and do at least 10 repetitions. This exercise will improve the movements, build flexibility and reduces the chances of injury. It also helps in reducing soreness.

Cable Rotation

5. Roll Up

Start the exercise by lying down on the back. You need to stretch the arms and slowly extend the legs. Your body shall make a straight line. Now, slowly inhale and move your arms above your head. You need to start curling the above body from the floor. You need to exhale as you are halfway. You can continue rolling forward so that you are able to reach the toes. You need to inhale and then reverse your movement. You can exhale while you are halfway downwards. You can get back to the starting position.
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You can repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

 Roll Up

6. Bicycle Crunch

This is another exercise quite suitable for beginners. Start the exercise by lying down on the back. You can keep your hands just behind the legs.
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You need to raise your legs and bend at least 90 degrees. You will be alternating the sides by bringing the right elbow close to the left knee. You will also bring your left elbow close towards the right knee. You need to stay in this position for at least 60 seconds. Hold on to this crunch position and count two per side. You will do a concentrated and slow movement. This exercise helps in reducing tightness and builds flexibility.

Bicycle Crunch