6 Strength Training Barbell Exercises

While fitness and fat loss is gradually attaining significant importance in our lives, many still ignore or miss the quintessential benefits of muscle strengthening, not knowing it’s pivotal role in facilitating fat loss. Lifting a bit of weight can actually speed up the metabolism, thereby culminating faster weight loss. Moreover, it also helps in building muscle power, which in turn helps with improving body fitness and increases stamina. While dumbbells are handy and convenient, proper use of barbells can often bring about better and faster results.

Hence, Listed Here Are Some Barbell Forms That Can Be Practiced To Build Muscles And Achieve Fitness Goals

1. Squats

The right way to address strengthening of gluteus and leg muscles is to practice squats with barbell. For this, hold the barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart, while positioning it right behind your head, just above the shoulders. Maintain the wrists and hands in an upright position, so as to face the ceiling and then slowly push the barbell upwards, going straight up behind your head. Then slowly bring down the barbell, still maintaining it behind your head and then squat down when you reach the lowest point of bringing it down.



2. Bench Press

Suggested for beginners to strengthen and build their chest muscles, bench presses, as the name suggests are practiced by lying flat on a bench, while positioning the barbell right above the chest. To begin, grip the barbell with hands shoulders width apart. Inhale and bring down the barbell towards the chest, while retaining the elbows close to the chest.

Then push it up while exhaling. Repeating this ten times in three sets will effectively strengthen chest and hand muscles.


3. Close Grip Bench Press

Similar in mechanism as the normal bench presses, close grip bench presses (suitable for beginners) are fabulous for targeting the triceps while also working out the inner chest muscles. This should be practiced in exactly the same manner as bench presses, with the only difference of maintaining the palms 8 to 9 inches apart and holding the barbell at the middle point. Repeat it 10 times in three sets.


4. Bent Over Row

Aimed at strengthening the back, bent over rows are practiced by holding the barbell with an underhand grip at a slightly wider than chest width apart and then slowly pulling it up towards the midsection while leaning forward the body slightly and bringing down the back in a squat-like position. Maintain a normal breathing pattern while holding the form and repeat it 9 to 15 times in three sets.


5. Incline Bench Press

Similar in nature as the bench presses, the incline bench press is suggested at a slightly advanced level and is designed to create more impact on the core, thereby directly strengthening and building the targeted hand and upper chest muscles. In this form the head side of the bench is slightly lifted up to create a crunching effect on the abdomen. The barbell is then pulled down while slowly inhaling and pushed up while exhaling.

It can be repeated 10 to 15 minutes in three sets.


6. Wrist Curls

Women looking forward to boost power and strength in their wrists and forearms can make use of wrist curls. For this, first rest your arms on an elevated inclined bench and keep your palms straight out while firmly maintaining the wrists in an upright straight form. Hold the barbell shoulders width apart and then slowly bring it up towards the upper arm. Repeat it as many times as possible.