6 Top Wrist Exercises For Tendonitis

Top Wrist Exercises For Tendonitis

Tendonitis is a condition where the tendon attaching the bone to the muscles becomes inflamed. Wrist exercises are helpful in treating tendonitis. If performed correctly, wrist exercises can heal the injury and lessen or even eliminate the tendonitis. One precaution that must be taken while performing the wrist exercises is that they must be done in the correct way or an injury may result.

If  any pain is experienced while doing wrist exercises, you should stop immediately. Wrist exercises are great for curing tendonitis.  Overusing parts of your body lead to tendonitis and it is important to recover strength and flexibility using wrist exercises.

In this article, we explore some of the best wrist exercises for tendonitis.

6 Wrist Exercises For Tendonitis

1. Wrist Flexion

Wrist Flexion

Wrist flexion is an exercise where you need to pivot your wrist downwards for your palm to move a bit closer towards your arm. In this exercise, you need to stretch your arm forward in line with your forearm.Holding your forearm still, you need to point your finger downwards. Stretch your fingers downward as much as you can.

  Return your hand to the starting position. You can do up to 10 repetitions of this exercise.

2. Wrist Roll

Wrist Roll

Stretch your arms ahead of you such that they are parallel to the floor. Now gently roll your wrists in a clockwise direction for about 20 seconds.
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Then move your wrists counter clockwise for the next 20 seconds. This constitutes one repetition. You can perform about  10 repetitions of this exercise to get maximum benefits.

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3. Wrist Stretch

Wrist Stretch

Hold one hand out with the palm facing upwards. Take the other hand and ease your finger backwards in the direction of the elbow.This will stretch your inner wrist and palm. Return to the original starting position. You can do about 10 repetitions of this exercise to start with.

4. Wrist Extension

Wrist Extension

Wrist extension is an exercise where you move the wrist so that the back of the hand reaches the top of the arm.  Maintain this position for 1 second and then release. Perform about 10 repetitions of this exercise.

5. Tendon Gliding

Tendon Gliding

This exercise increases lubrication of the tendons and is excellent for alleviating wrist tendonitis. You need to hold your hand out with your palm facing upwards. Pull your fingers towards your palm using the other hand.  Attempt to touch the each finger to the top of your palm gradually moving to the middle and the end of the palm.

Bring the bottom of your little finger in contact with your thumb. You can do the tendon gliding exercise at least twice a week for maximum benefit. This ensures that you can regain flexibility and ease of movement in your tendons.

6. Wrist Flex

Wrist Flex

Hold your hands straight at 90 degrees with your hand pointing straight. Then you should bend your wrist so that your fingers point downwards. Following this, you need to take your wrist in an upward direction so that your fingers are pointing upwards. Make sure you perform this exercise slowly and ensure that you do not over train. This wrist exercise is good for alleviating tendonitis.