6 Upper Back Exercises For Strong And Healthy Back Muscles

Our Upper back muscles need special care and training to keep them in good shape. There are specific back exercises which help in building strength, keep the muscles toned and also offer great support in case of recovering from injury too. Those who are not happy with their back muscle growth will also benefit from these workouts. These back exercises help in building the back muscles and also offer much-needed support to the spine. Include these exercises in your daily routine and have strong back muscles with improved blood circulation and great flexibility.

Here Are 7 Upper Back Exercises For Strong And Healthy Back Muscles

1. Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows are just the perfect workouts for upper back muscles. To do this workout, you need to attach a straight bar to one cable station.

You will position yourself as you keep your feet braced. You will grab the bar with your shoulder width grip and then sit up. You will slowly pull the bar close to your upper ab muscles. In this position pause for at least 3 seconds. You can then again lower your body to the start position. Keep your torso straight and do not move. You will not lean forwards or backward as you do the workout. This exercise helps in toning upper back muscles and builds strength.

Seated Cable Rows


2. T-Raise

This is a great upper back muscle exercise with the help of a resistance band. you will hold one end of the band in either hands, as you step on the center of the band with one of your feet. You will keep one feet at a distance of a step and also half just in front of the other. As your palms grip the handles, in one facedown position, you will raise your arms to the sides. You will raise the arms to your shoulder height as you tighten the core. This workout improves blood circulation, builds flexibility and tones the upper back muscles effectively.

t raise

3. Lat Pulldowns

One of the best exercises for increases back muscles is lat pulldowns. You can derive the maximum benefit from this workout when you are able to do this in a controlled and slow temp. You will feel that your lats are working out in every repetition. For this exercise, you need to sit down calmly at a lat pulldown station.

You will grab a bar with one overhand grip which will be just beyond your shoulder width. You will not move your torso as you pull the shoulders backwards and down. You can bring this bar close to the chest.

You can stop for a while and then get back to the starting position. You need to repeat 10-12 times.

Lat Pulldowns

4. Deadlifts

This is one of those exercises which you should necessarily include in your routine for strengthening your upper back muscles. Start the exercise by standing with your feet, hip width apart. You will bend your hips backwards. Your grip shall be outside the knees. As you keep you back flat, you will slowly extend your hips as to stand up. You will pull the bar up along the body till lock-out as the hips drive through and your shoulder muscles move backwards. As you are pulling, keep eyes on the ground in front. You will carefully lower the bar now and get back to the starting position. Deadlifts will tone your back muscles and make them strong.


5. Inverted Row

For this exercise, you need to set the barbell in a power rack. You can also use a Smith Machine for the purpose if you do not have the power rack. It should be set at hip height. You will lie down underneath this and grab with your hands which will be at least shoulder width distance from your heels on the floor. You will be hanging from the bar so that your body makes a straight line. You will squeeze your shoulder blade muscles together and slowly pull up yourself till your back is contracted. Do this at least 10 times as a set. This exercise will build and tone your back muscles.

Inverted Row

6. Corkscrew Stretch

This is a smart stretching exercise which looses stiffened muscles. This helps in tackling problems of back pain, fat and also poor posture. This exercise also helps in muscle growth in the upper back region. Start on all fours as you brace your core. Your right hand shall be behind your head. You will be rotating your right elbow and also your shoulder up and slowly away from the left arm till it starts pointing to the ceiling. Stay in this position for 1 minute. This shall be one repetition. You need to do 20 such repetitions.

Corkscrew Stretch