6 Variations Of V Ups Exercise Along With Its Benefits


Have you got bored of doing the same exercises in your gym again and again? If you are looking to bring some novelty into your boring exercise regime then V-Up could be best for you!! The V-Up is an abdominal exercise that needs balancing of your body on the sit bones by keeping your legs and torso raised above the ground. This is basically a strength based workout that focuses and strengthens on your abdominal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, obliques, back muscles and entire core. The exercise expects flexibility and should be done with awareness and caution.

In This Article We Will Tell You About Six Variations Of V Ups Exercise And Their Benefits

Standard V Ups Exercise

One needs to lie down with the back resting on the floor. Keeping your abdominal muscles tight and legs straight, extended your arms above your head in straight fashion. Try to raise your legs also in the air keeping them straight.
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This looks like a V shape. Now make effort to hold your toes with fingers. Come back to the starting position by lowering your back on the floor.


V-Ups Exercise Variations

Variation 1

In this variation, don’t touch the feet on the ground. After lifting the legs when you bring them down then don’t make them touch the floor, instead stop your legs to make 45 degrees angle with the floor. You can do ten to twelve repetitions of this variation.

variation 1

Variation 2

In this variation, raise your legs in straight fashion up as much as you can and try to get them perpendicular to the floor. Now raise your arms in the air. With arms completely straight, tighten your abs and gently lift your upper back from the floor and touch the toes with the fingers. You can be in this position for thirty seconds to a minute. During this whole duration you should try not to bend your legs and arms.

variation 2

Variation 3

In this variation, your normal V-ups style will be modified in such a way to make it a little more challenging. Incorporate weights in this exercise to get the benefits of strength training workout too.
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Hold a pair of dumbbells in both of your hands of whichever weight you are comfortable with. Now extend your arms and try to perform standard V-ups exercise. Not just in the hands tie the weights on your ankles or wrist make it more intensified.


Variation 4

This type of variation in normal V ups style is called V Sits which is generally performed by women. In this variation you need to do standard V ups by keeping both the hands behind the back and legs above the ground throughout the exercise.
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Variation 5

This variation works on your obliques. This is one handed v ups where in you begin doing normal V-ups with one hand crossing the body and then repeat the step with the other hand.


Variation 6

This variation is done to emphasize your lower abdominal muscles. To do this variation you need to rest your back on the floor and then lift your shoulders a few inches above the floor. As in normal V ups back also lifts up with the legs but here your lower back will lie completely on the floor for the entire duration so that the muscles of the lower back are worked extensively.


Aren’t these exercises very simple and easy to perform? Start from today and remain active!