6 Ways In Which Running Helps You To Increase Your Height

We all know of running as a healthy exercise that helps to tone the body, and burn the excess fat. However, does running also help to increase the height, or is that a myth? The answer to this is – Yes, running does help improve height.

Let Us Check On 6 Ways How Below

1. Increased Blood Flow

During running, as it is a strenuous exercise, there is an increase in the blood flow to the legs. It is because of this that the supply of nutrition to the muscles, as well as removal of waste, is improved. Similarly, the bone red marrow is also stimulated more for more production of red blood cells to carry oxygen. All this results in bone stimulation, and bones not only grow laterally, but also vertically. This helps to improve the height.

2. Stimulating Growth Hormone

Running as an exercise also helps to stimulate the release of the growth hormones from the pituitary gland. Growth hormone helps to increase not only the body weight, but also the proportional growth in height. Infact the role of growth hormone in recent times for height increase is being explored more and more, and lot of artificial injections have also been developed, and running is a natural way to increase its production.

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3. Correct Posture

What running does is unique, unlike any other exercise. The correct poster of a person is with the back upright and the shoulders straight, which is naturally achieved while running. A lot of people tend to hunch and hence look shorter.

This correct posture immediately reflects as improved height.

4. Leaner Body

Running helps to reduce excess body fat and make an individual leaner. Obese people tend to look shorter, and hence those with a well maintained body because of activities such as running, appear taller.

5. Better Sleep

Running is a great exercise that helps to improve overall body blood circulation, and also at the same time does make a person tired! This helps in better rest and sleep at night.

As we all know, growth is often at its peak when a person is well rested. Improved sleep leads to better overall growth, and proportional development of the height.

6. Micro-Fractures

It is believed that running causes micro-fractures in the bones of the legs, and in areas connecting the leg and the foot. These are not any serious fractures that require intensive treatment, and are infact so minor, that they go unnoticed and need no action. Also, the body responds to these fractures very fast, and they are mended in a couple of days, rather than the long healing process of fractures. It is because of this that gaps are created, and while these gaps are filled, there is an improvement in the height. This last school of thought has been challenged by many researchers, however still remains a popular belief on how running helps to improve the height.

Hope these reasons are enough motivation for you to start with this healthy exercise, which not only helps in body toning, but also in improving the height!


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