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6 Ways To Reduce and Prevent Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are caused due to a number of reasons which include excess muscle use due to continuous workout sessions without rest, dehydration, fatigue and also stress. Those who suffer from severe muscle cramps due to any of these reasons, can take steps which will prevent such cramps from occurring in future. Here are some easy tips and ideas to prevent and get rid from muscle pain.

Get Rid Of Muscle Cramps:

Epsom Salt Bath

Pour some Epsom salt in your bath and soak in your bath tub. Remember you should have warm water in the tub for most effectiveness. Magnesium is present in Epsom salt which helps in relaxing the muscles.

Hot Wash Cloth Warmth

Place a hot washcloth just on the muscle which is causing discomfort. It will help in relaxing the cramp. The warmth will also help in increasing blood flow to the tissue. You should apply this pad for 20 minutes at a time and remove.
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You can reapply again after 30 minutes.

Stay Hydrated

Do you get muscle cramps during workouts mostly? Drink a glass of water at least two hours before your workout session. You can also drink 125 ml water during your workout sessions. It will help you stay hydrated without muscle cramps. If you get cramps due to excessive sweating, drinking adequate water at regular intervals will help in getting rid of cramps.
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Pressure Treatment

Try and find out the epicenter of muscle cramp. Use your thumb and press this spot with your clenched fist or thumb.
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Let this pressure remain for at least 10 seconds. You can press again. You will be a bit uncomfortable but it will help in preventing the reoccurring of cramps.

Diet Changes

Muscle cramps are often caused due to minerals deficiency in the diet. You need to include foods rich in magnesium in your diet which include cereals, whole-grain breads, beans and nuts. Including fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet helps in fulfilling potassium requirements in the diet. Dairy foods like milk, cheese will offer much needed calcium which will all help in preventing cramps.

Natural Massage

Mix 4 parts of vegetable oil along with 1 part of wintergreen oil. Massage this well in the muscle cramp.
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Wintergreen is rich in methyl salicylate which helps in offering relief by stimulating blood flow in the region. This mixture can be used many times in a day but without the heating pad which can burn the skin.


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