6 Womens Bodyweight Workouts For Strength And Flexibility

We all look forward to a sculpted and well toned body. You do not always require a lot of equipment to have that perfect sculpted body. Womens bodyweight exercises are a perfect combination of great strength and flexibility, which helps in achieving a perfect body. Most of these exercises are suitable for beginners as well. They help in improving circulation, tone muscles and help in building strength and power. If you are looking forward to burn fat and need a good training, these exercises are your solution. You are definitely going to feel a difference in your body.

Here Are 6 Womens Bodyweight Workouts For Strength And Flexibility:

1. Squatting With Side Leg Lifting:

Start the workout as you keep your feet at least shoulder distance apart. Your feet shall be parallel. You will then bend your knees and also lower the hips a little deep. In this way, your thighs shall be completely parallel with floor. Your weight shall be kept back in the heels. You need to rise back upwards, as you straighten your legs completely. You will also lift your right leg out towards your sides, as you squeeze the outer glute muscles. You will again lower your right leg and finish a single repetition. You can again repeat this squat as you slowly lift your left leg as you stand comfortably. You need to do 20 repetition. Keep alternating sides.

Squatting With Side Leg Lifting

2. Mountain Climber:

You need to get in a pushup position as you start this workout. Your arms shall be totally straight as you start this workout. Slowly, lift the right foot from the floor. You will also raise the knees and bring it close to the chest, as much as you are able to. You can get back to the start position. You will repeat this workout using your left leg. This shall be one repetition. You need to repeat at least 10 times. Do at least 3 such sets.

Mountain Climber

3. Hip Twist:

This is an ideal exercise for women who tend to accumulate fat in their lower body. This exercise helps in reducing fat from the hips and builds strength. This is suitable for women athletes who look forward to great flexibility so that they are able to improve their performance. You will start the workout by lying down completely flat on the back. You should be in a comfortable position, as you keep your legs straight. Your shoulders shall be in great contact with the ground. Slowly, move your left leg knee and pull the left leg just across the body. You need to slowly lower this to the ground, so that you feel a nice stretch in the back region. You can also grab the outside of the left knee using your right hand. You will hold on the stretch position for at least 30 seconds. You can again switch your legs and repeat this workout.

Hip Twist

4. Plank To The Pushup:

This is a highly beneficial workout for women who are trying to build strength and flexibility. Get in a plank position. Your elbows shall be shoulder distance apart and on ground. You need to press yourself from the floor. You will be using a single arm at a time as you get in a pushup position. Your body shall be maintaining a good straight line. Once done, you can get back to the start plank position just in the same manner and using a single arm at one time. You need to continue alternating such movement from one side to another. You need to repeat at least 12 times.

Plank To The Pushup

5. Close Hands Pushup:

Start this exercise by getting down on all fours. Your hands will be on the floor and just under the shoulders. If you are in position, your triceps shall be working hard. You will then lower your body slowly, so that your chest is almost touching the ground. Stop in such a position and then slowly push your body back and get back to the start position. You will be doing this movement as fast as you are able to. Your elbows shall be tucked close by your sides while you tend to lower your body. In case you find that your hips are sagging at any point, you need to consider the last movement as your final one and you can end this set.

Close Hands Pushup

6. Romanian Dead Lift:

For this exercise, you need to stand in a comfortable position, as your feet are hip distance apart. Your right floor shall be raised from the ground. Keep your arms by your side. Now, you need to start bending a bit forward from the hips. Your back shall be flat. You will again raise the right leg straight and keep it just behind the body. It should be forming a T. Your right arm shall be hanging from the shoulder. Stop for a few seconds and get back to a start position. This will be one repetition. You need to repeat 10 times.

Romanian Dead Lift