6 Yoga Poses For Strong Feet

Strong Feet

Our foot is one of the most complicated and vital parts of the body, but quite unfortunately, it is one of the most ignored too. They give us a strong foundation and play the most important role in our mobility, yet we ignore our feet; its the most forgotten and uncared for body part. There are many yoga asanas and positions which are designed to help our feet stay strong and healthy. Doing these asanas on a regular basis is highly recommended for good health, especially for those who spend long hours standing or walking.

Yoga Postures For Strong Feet

Thunderbolt Pose

Thunderbolt Pose

Sitting on your heels is a great way to stretch the top section of your feet and even your ankles. Once you sit like this for 3-4 minutes, you should start to rise the seat from your heels and try to tuck your toes under. You will then have to lower the seat back and sit on your heels. This might be painful in the beginning, especially in case of those who wear tight boots or heels. Sitting on your toes helps in relaxing the muscles of your feet.

Extended Hand To Big Toe Pose

Hand To Big Toe Pose

Stand straight keeping your feet joined and hands by your sides. Now, slowly lift your knee towards the belly. You will reach your left arm inside the thigh. Now, cross it over gently from the front ankle. You will be holding the outer portion of your left foot. If you find that your hamstrings are stiff, you can hold a regular strap and loop it well around your left sole. You will firm your thigh muscles ( front) of the other standing leg and go ahead to press your outer thigh inwards. You should be inhaling and extending the left foot forward.
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You should straighten your knee as much as you can. If you find yourself steady enough, you can swing your leg to side. Keep breathing steadily throughout, though it will need concentration it will help your balance. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds and then again swing back your leg to the center as you inhale. You can then lower your foot to floor as you exhale. Repeat this on other side.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana

Mountain Pose

This is said to be the foundation of all feet standing position and a very important posture for feet strength. This is the primary asana which helps in maintaining the right alignment. You will start by spreading each toe out. Do this as much as you can then again set it back down on the floor. You need to focus on all the four corners of your feet and that too evenly for the right stability and the best distribution of weight.
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You might have a feeling that your flat feet is collapsing so you will find lift in the inner arch by simply pressing down. A triangular base will be created which will help arches in rising.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Just like Mountain pose, the tree pose is a very strong and good posture which needs your standing leg to be quite firm. It has to be well rooted before the leg which is raise comes back to resting position just above the knee or is down near the ankle. You should avoid knee joint. This tree pose helps in strengthening the flat feet and improves ov erall balance. It also stretches the groin area, the inner thigh region and also the shoulders.

Toe Exercises

Toe Exercises

Stand as you keep your feet some distant apart as per your comfort. Now, try and lift your big toe on your both feet. Your other toes will be down. Then you need to do just the exact opposite.

You will be lifting all your toes except the big toes. Keep switching back and forth for this asana.

Heel Raises and Imaginary Heel Raises

Imaginary Heel Raises

Inhale slowly as your raise your heels and again exhale slowly as you lower them. This might appear to be simple as you start but you need to slow down and should feel the feet articulating well against the ground as you slowly workout.
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You can also close your eyes and concentrate to time the movement with your breath. As you get used to the exercise you can practice imaginary heel raise sessions. All these movements are going to help you turn on the muscles without actually lifting the heels. A very effective exercise which will help in strengthening your feet and making them stronger.
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It is recommended to speak to your physician once before you start any of the yoga asanas if you have not done yoga before.