6 Yoga Asanas That Help Build Your Core

The core muscles of the body include your stomach, your back and of course the entire torso. It is from here that you exercise with vigour and are also able to fight many health problems. The core muscles need much more than just cardio to get strength. These yoga postures help in strengthening and building your core, without lifting weights.
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Doing these exercises will give you strength and endurance benefits

6 Yoga Asanas That Help Build Your Core:

1. Boat Pose

One of the first poses to build your core would be the boat pose. For this, you have to lie down on your back and then raise both the legs and hands together. If you are new to this, then just start with the raising both legs together to about 60 degrees and keep hands under the hips. Slowly try to raise both hands as if trying to touch the feet. Hold this posture for about 30 seconds before repeating. Now gradually increase the duration and repetition with time.

boat pose

2. Warrior Pose

For this posture, you should try and stand with your feet as apart as possible. Your toes should be pointing outwards and the stomach should be sucked in. Now raise both hands in the air so that they are parallel to the floor.
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Now gradually bend from your right and extend the toe completely outwards. Bend towards the right knee while keeping the left leg stable and stoop as low as you can. Hold this posture for about 30 seconds. Now repeat this posture on the other side.

warrior pose

3. Forarm Plank

The forearm plan is an ideal exercise for working on the core muscles of the stomach along with your back, thighs and shoulders too. For this position, lie down flat on your stomach and then support your body on your elbows. Legs should be extended and your toes should be supporting your body weight. The entire body should in a straight position, especially the spine and the abs should be sucked in. Hold it for about 30 seconds or longer and then repeat.

Forarm Plank

4. Bow Pose

Along with giving you a complete body stretch, this is one exercise form in yoga that also works on the complete body strengthening too. In particular your abs really get grooving on this one. For this, you have to lie down on your stomach and then bring both feet towards your butts.
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Now, with the right hand hold your right feet and the same applies for your left hand too. Raise your upper and lower body together, while hold this posture and feet being held by the hands. Extend the neck up and hold for about 30 seconds. Then repeat.

Bow Pose

5. Side Plank

For this yoga strengthening and core posture, you have to first lie down on your left side. Then using your left hand and both legs, raise the entire body off the ground, whilst on the side. Your arm can be straight or you can also rest on your elbow of your are a beginner. Extend right hand in the air. If needed, bring right leg slight over the left one for additional support. Repeat on other side for 30 seconds too.

Side Plank

6. Downward Facing Down

For this posture, you will work on your legs, your back and also hand muscles. Lie down on your stomach and hands by the chest. Now lift lower body up in the air and also extend both hands. Your head should be down, heels stable on the floor and the butt high in the air. Such in the stomach and hold this for about 30 seconds. Repeat as desired.

Downward Facing Down